The transformation on earth is unfolding before us along with many questions and phenomena. Iron masks of fear and distress are covering the face of souls and the divine light is increasingly darkening. The dance of known and unknown demons is obscuring planet Earth. For the moment, we have to take this for granted.
It seems that the elemental beings have been forgotten, although a few years ago they were on everyone’s lips, at least in the „spiritual scene“, which was bursting with romanticism.
The number of elemental beings working and weaving in nature is immeasurable, greater than the diversity of species on earth has ever been. But perhaps we should once again recall the good spirits that care for us and observe how we provide for them.

Elemental beings and angelic beings of the waters
The waters of the earth are increasingly drying up, drought and barrenness are the consequences. A shamanic training in the mountains has shown us this year that waterfalls are drying up and only rarely can we find bubbling springs. To put it cynically, you could say that the elemental beings of water are being fed with plastic and dirt all over the world.
No wonder they are hiding or even saying goodbye to this planet.

Elemental beings and angelic beings of the air, the skies
They are very old voices of the world and have been connected with the breath of human beings since the beginning.
Our ancestors honoured them as life generators, as nurturers of the soul. Today we experience them mainly as storm monsters with all the disasters they can bring. „No wonder, given our treatment of nature,“ some critical minds think.

Elemental beings, fire spirits and angelic beings of fire
The Fire, in fire cult fire spirit fire spirit Salamander, as the entire mythology of fire tells us, was the highest and most sacred element for our ancestors Its patron to this day is Archangel Michael, who also strengthens our connections with the primordial creativity. But just look at the state of the sacredness of fire on this planet. It‘ s terrible! This element does not only include the warmth in our body, the fire that we know from the campfire or from the oven. It includes, among other things: nuclear power plant nuclear power plant crises, radioactivity, war and nuclear weapons and the entire arms industry worldwide. Do these bring salvation to the earth?

Elemental beings and angels of the earth
They work in the earth’s crust and in the many layers within the earth and have been globally forgotten. They are not „trendy“ as one participant in the shamanic training in Vienna commented. Elemental beings of the earth, their abilities and their significance are being disregarded. They are craftsmen of the cosmos who follow the instructions they receive from the cosmic trinity. They animate the earth and work in highly sensitive lines of energy. However, these are increasingly concreted over, polluted with many poisons, compacted with machines and so on. To list everything would take hours and would not be helpful against the ignorance of societies

Elementals – an overview
Elemental beings live in the etheric and astral world, which is completely different from the world we live in. The etheric world has special significance for shamans Etheric forces envelop landscapes and in natural remedies we find their power. Etheric auras are the bodies of elemental beings that direct energy flows, including those of our natural ancestors. Every garden, every landscape is characterised by different elemental beings, angels and landscape angels.
Fire elementals, air elementals, water elementals, earth elementals, they all have their consciousness in the astral world, a finer world than the ether. They are not spirits, archangels, angels or ancestors. But they are guided from the divine world. Those who work in our bodies are strengthened by these helpful spirits.

Elemental beings are able to read us humans
They read our feelings, thoughts, moods, intentions, our life force. They also know about everything material and are connected to angels, the ones we call Deva or landscape angels. They have a highly differentiated hierarchy, which for centuries were considered to be four groups. Even before the year 2000, the 5th group was added, which are the Christ elemental beings who feed healing into the world and have a healing effect on human beings and nature. They would need selflessness, which only succeeds when the souls are kept pure and self-centred feelings are put aside. Shamanic rituals such as the invocation of the four cardinal points or other shamanic healing rituals curative rituals, beneficial rituals shamanic healing work etc. must be based on this shamanic knowledge
But what does today’s world show us? What is it that affects all nature beings, elemental beings, elemental spirits and us humans?

Adversaries – Spirits – Demons
For me as a shaman in the Shamanic Centre Vienna malicious thought forms, elementals, which form themselves from negative impulses of thought, feeling and will, are becoming increasingly apparent in society. They serve and connect with the adversary powers, the demons, Lucifer and Satan and try to conquer the human heart. If the human consciousness is caught in their blackness, this has a fatal effect on elementals and we experience ecocide. They block the way to the spiritual-mental for all of us, produce discouragement and hopelessness, spiritlessness and godlessness, war, radioactivity, contamination of the soil, hunger, lies, meaningless laws, discord in the social, lack in the elements earth, water, fire, air. These demons, which have existed on earth for a very long time, are supported by new demons that are out to get the souls of people, i.e. their love potential.

Elementals are dependent on humans
They need our help. Not only humans are caught in the dark vortices, but also elemental beings and nature spirits.
Regina Hruska says: „It is time to further train forces of the heart with their amplifying light on the darkened planet Earth. We are living on a pile of rubble, but death contains the seed of new life, of meaningful work. The seed of self-transformation exists within every human being, it is an effective spiritual reality from which we can draw. The shamanic path in „Licht aus der Yurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ and the „Shamanic Clinic Europe“ provides the opportunity to achieve this.“

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