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Shamanism in Europe is still alive

New stories are born in the time of climate emergency and social collapse. We are confronting with our materialistic culture, but we are not waiting to be rescued by some savior. We belief, that only love can lead us to more peaceful, healthy an prosperous world.

Shamans are waking up to the beauty of life and we do not ignore lifes sacred nature. The web of life is calling us. We like to invite you to empower yourself! Join with us in a powerful time of change.

It is a fact that the world in which we have lived until now no longer exists. But human civilizations with their ideologies, intellectual sciences, media, armies … continue to project oppressive patterns onto this earth. There is no way to return to old systems, even if that is promised.
The global financial systems are in a state of collapse and it seems that two options are being worked on. Total surveillance, chaos and visions of fear. Everyone can observe how critical minds are being stifled and how many people are in need and sitting on the rubble of their existence. Many are struggling for their existence. At the same time we also know about the endless hardships of people in India, in the Asian region, in Africa and in many other countries. Especially the West has been exploiting them and has been in charge of the destruction of the sources of life.
The third possibility
After months of darkness the spiritual space has opened up again, the divine breaks through. Not only in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“; similar messages are reaching us from all directions of the world. It was tough to wait for them and not to give up. In this light the whole planet is pulsating and behind all the destruction and hardships something new is becoming visible, the love of unity, the hope. Perhaps it is possible for you to look there, despite the painful transformation. But this does not mean to silently accept everything and walk like a sheep with the flock. Nature also teaches us renewal processes from within.
Walk with us into a future of unlimited possibilities, which need not have anything to do with the past.
And here is another small helpful possibility
The „planners“ now guide the people into virtual space. For their „protection,“ of course.
But we have to arm ourselves and one of the most important tasks is the connection with the Earth. One possibility everyone has is to connect with old wise trees. For this you can choose one of these trees and stand in front of it. Touch some of its details, maybe those you already know from experience and with this touch create a resonance bridge between you and your old wise tree. This opens your senses and your heart. Then ask to be connected with the help and power of its roots, to sink into them and to get all the powers of the Earth that you need. You can also simply enjoy these powers … I wish you the presence of the Earth and the wisdom of the tree.

Easter 2020 – Shamanic Training

During this trainings we found, that our european shamanism contains every old shamanic practice everywhere else in the world.
Our souls operate in spiritual worlds, as well as in mundane world. Our special knewledge comes from our contact with the ancestros. We can seek guidance for the european shamans in our history, before they where killed by the catholic church. Our shamanism is practical spirituality, is helpful. We are spiritual scientists, we work with spiritual realities. For this we have some training in the forest this days.
In this training we prepared us for powerful shamanic ceremonial work, rituals and ceremonies. They are in this time our vehicle to create change. They keep us strong and hold us in unconditional love and light. Our ancestors teach us how to survive this time.


To have power, to rule means to set up rules, to establish them and to monitor their compliance in a variety of ways. This is what we are currently experiencing and some of us are beginning to understand the framework in which people see the world. But Easter is just around the corner and after a visit to an organic farmer where I bought eggs, I decided to write about chickens. Perhaps this blog will be helpful to look at the shady machinery going on behind the scenes, behind regulations, system pressures, power interests, lobbies, stubbornness, ignorance and prohibitions.
Journey to the ancestors of our chickens
In the rhythm of our heartbeat we can travel far back in time. To a time when there were fewer borders, fences and barriers. There we meet a bird that later received the name Bankiva chicken. Chicken, cock and chick loved the free fields, meadows and forest edges, in whose dense bushes they built their nests. When man found these nests, he took some eggs and found them digestible. If they killed a chicken, they found its meat tasty. Man was integrated into the living system of nature. The waste of one was food for another. Man, too, found himself tied into an interdependent network.
The Bankiva chicken went on a journey with mankind, long before Christ’s birth, and came from the Far East, first to Egypt, later to Greece and via the Roman Empire it migrated northwards to us. Chickens on farms could still do everything. They gave everything that was needed on the farm.
Which chickens do we live with today?
About a hundred years ago, man changed his relationship to chicken, chicks and roosters. Homo sapiens began to breed. He wanted a chicken that gave the best meat and as many eggs as possible. But this did not succeed. Only after World War II did research manage to split the chicken into broilers and laying hens.
After only one month, broilers produced enough meat to be slaughtered. An egg laying hen lays more than 300 eggs a year, then it is regarded useless.
Roosters have a hard time. They are no longer kept for their beautiful plumage or for their fighting skills. They have become useless, they give no eggs and very little meat. Male chicks go into the shredder right after birth. Genetic modifications make it possible that the few remaining breeds are less susceptible to diseases. The European also eats only the chicken legs, perhaps also the breasts of the animals, all other parts of the body are shipped and exported to China.
Happy Holy Time in the maximization society in which we all live. One of the possibilities we have is to support and promote the local small farmers, organic and Demeter farmers. On their farms we experience what it means to think in long periods of time.
But in my opinion this alone is not enough. Our society needs a spiritual foundation in which life and living together is once again valuable and we can get out of the dilemma of the climate crisis, economic crisis, inequality crisis and the crisis of democracy.

Our food using the example of corn

Our food is at least as important as protective masks, gloves and respirators for the medical system, which has been brought down in recent years. Everyone will agree with me that now we are slowly learning to get out of our western hyperindividualism and realize that we belong to a larger whole. But strengthening our feelings of connection to life on earth does not always bring ease and harmony.

Apart from the horror and concern that the Corona crisis and the slowly developing economic crisis are causing in every single person, we also have to take a look at the dilemma of agriculture.
Spring, time to sow and plant
The sowing of maize will begin shortly or has already begun in some parts of the country. Everyone, even those who cannot afford it, is hungry for organic food and perhaps it is beneficial for us all to take a closer look at what is happening to our plants. I don’t think that now, in this time of crisis, the use of pesticides, the poisoning of life and the marketing behaviour have changed. The first step is to pay attention and be mindful of what is happening behind the scenes of the global health crisis.

Let us remember The maize originally comes from Mexico, where it has been cultivated for thousands of years before Christ. Columbus brought the corn to Spain, where it was successfully cultivated around 1525. In addition to tomatoes, peppers, pumpkin, potatoes and beans it was a valuable gift to Europe. Corn is an Indian cultivated plant that has been around for centuries! A gift from the gods! A life without corn was unimaginable for the Indians. Corn was considered sacred and in it the „corn deity“ was worshipped. It is still used today in various rituals and festivals and helps to establish contact with the spirits, being addressed as „his deity“. Corn is considered a symbol of life. In the advanced civilizations of the Maya, Sioux, Apache, Hopi, Iroquois, Cherokee, Aztecs etc. corn was the most important food plant, the food of the gods. At present, in South America, attempts are being made to destroy the few indigenous peoples that still exist.
Now they are planting, harvest is in autumn
In autumn thousands of tons of maize are brought to Austrian warehouses. But not for our food! Animals are fed with maize, although ruminants cannot tolerate this food. What happens to the rest? People don’t eat polenta anymore, or maybe we return to the poor – people – food?
Clever businessmen are producing citric acid for the food and beverage industry, detergent industry and technical industries. We used to run our televisions on maize and since the end of subsidy contracts, farmers who participated in the conversion to „energy farming“ are in financial difficulties! A brief review: As a result of the blind promotion of so-called alternative energy sources, the plants on our fields were used as energy sources for electricity generation in biogas plants or as heating pellets. Only a few years ago, the motto was „tank instead of plate“. Biodiesel was produced from rapeseed, and bioethanol from corn and soya, and was often transported over long distances.

In the past, the collective cultivation of maize led to social ties and to identity-giving institutions.The herding of seeds and the knowledge of different seeds gradually got lost with the commercialization of seeds. Manipulated seeds are patented, and farmers have to pay royalties on purchase. The products are sold together with crop protection products. In addition to the control of cultivation, the ability to produce by oneself is also largely lost. Transnational food companies disguise the origin and nature of the raw materials. The postmodern consumer society has control over the food that is put on the table. The less critical the consumers are, the easier it is to make the real processes invisible. Even in the time of crisis one is tempted to quickly supply the body with energy, no matter if and how it affects the physical, emotional and mental level. The basic food corn is threatened worldwide, we are all affected by it and we are all obliged to create awareness and to do our best. Only together we can change this!

Let us give thanks to what supports our lives. If you go for a walk now during the quarantine period, you might do this little meditation.
So the next time you pass a plant or a tree, please take a moment. You can say thanks for the oxygen, which would not be there without the wonderful work the plants and trees do. Without them, we would not exist. Maybe your heart is also touched by the sorrow and pain of all our fellow creatures on this earth. Don’t keep this pain inside you. Open yourself to the healing powers in the immeasurable web of life, crying is also a way of turning to them. Maybe then you will be able to redefine what a good life is.

Our earth from the view of the helpful spirits in „Licht aus der Jurte – Shamanic Centre Vienna“.


The time had come when the earth had been put in danger by barbaric powers. The corridors for weapons and technologies that are destructive to humans and nature are still open. The people are startled, luxury shopping and mass consumption, which for the majority obscures the clear view, has been abolished for the time being. The inner focus on the sugar-sweet world of consumption, greed and thus the effects on nature have remained. The high fever of the earth sinks only temporarily, it needs a comprehensive „treatment“, no short-term medicine. So do people who need social, economic and health-related, long-term care.


Waiting for answers

Regina Hruska „For a long time we have been asking ourselves how the human race came up with the idea of being able to buy heaven with all its inhabitants? To sell the earth that supports each individual, with its sacred elements, the fires, waters and airs, for money and gold? You know all about the cycles of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, calcium and iron. You know the micro-circuits, their complex cooperation, all the interconnections and feedback loops in the cycles of nature. Look in the rear-view mirror, how did it end when gods, giants, humans tried this?
We ask ourselves, how could you forget the sacredness of every plant, blade of grass, tree, stone… and seriously disturb the life systems on earth? How could you deforest landscapes, contaminate waters with your garbage, kill with your waste thousands of animals and experiment with the weather?
How could you not treat animals in the seas, in the air and on land like your brothers and sisters? Many of the unique, irreplaceable life forms have left and many are already leaving.
How could you contaminate the holy earth with your poisons, garbage, noise, microwaves, cheap oils, pesticides, fertilizers, GM productions, your GPS controlled harvesters, your electronic farms, your greed, your drugs, your radioactivity, your weapons?
How can you look away from the great suffering of the streams of refugees, the discrimination of women, of small farmers and organic farmers?…“
Sweet prospects? From a healing shamanic point of view, there is a danger that everything will remain the same after the current pandemic. The Earth’s ice sheets will continue to recede, permafrost will melt, the Amazon rainforest will be abused and ecosystems will be damaged. There is a danger that the slogan of unlimited growth will continue to confuse the minds and counter the wisdom of the earth with over-activity.

Healing Potentials

There have always been jobs without economic growth. There are economic models where there is social justice, where there is no poverty. Let us break the negative feedback and spirals, let us seek ways out of competition, war economy and unlimited growth. Let us support future generations who want to prevent the further decomposition of the ecosphere, the further crimes against humanity and nature. There is also potential in the religions. But above all, the energy of constructive change, the spiritual foundation of the earth, is found in „Heilschamanismus“ and in the integral shamanic associations on this earth.

Awaken – Meditation


From heaven and earth we have inherited the gift of being creative, loving beings. There are many forces that envy us and create conflict and destruction. The powerful community of microbes, as old and wise as humanity, has suffered great damage in the Earth’s network of agro-industries and has sounded the alarm with Covid – 19. Do we understand why, or are we acting out of fear? Regina Hruska „I send you a meditation from „Licht aus der Jurte – Shamanic Centre Vienna“ that can help you to create health and peace in you. Somebody can read this meditation slowly for you or you can have it read to people who are afraid“.



Let your breath relax… And open your awareness to all the potentials that are slumbering in your throat, larynx center, the source of your creative word … sink more and more deeper into your being … and be more and more present in yourself … slowly begin to focus on a point behind the center of your larynx… begin to visualize how a golden knot forms here… This golden knot develops golden threads… and these threads are connected to a bright cool star in the center of the earth and a bright cool star in the center of the universe… These two threads remain connected to the golden knot behind your throat… Some threads go into your head, other threads go into your heart…
The space of your throat is made up of cells, living atoms, microbes, mineral parts, photons of light, etc… If they were not held together by the light of the radiant cool stars, they would be scattered everywhere… Your throat centre resonates with these stars… and as you remain in this connection you also perceive the warm light of your heart…
The warm light from your heart begins to reflect in all the particles of your laryngeal center, perhaps creating geometric patterns, beautiful colors and shapes that are constantly moving and changing… Ask now that your perfect geometric pattern will take its form in your throat… and notice the aura of light that slowly forms around your laryngeal center… take your time…
And when you have perceived your geometric pattern in your throat and its light aura, send waves of peaceful wake-up calls to the people with their help, send peaceful wake-up calls around the planet… do this several times… do it again and again…
And now at the end, return to your breathing… let your breath flow slowly… and in your time, you are awake again, alert and fresh.

Water – the challenge for our consciousness

The life element water comprises everything, humans, animals and the nature as a whole. According to the view of healing shamanism, its qualities are the universal, the indeterminable. Water is itself defined as an element, because it helps living beings to live, because it binds life to itself. It is a primordial motherly principle and acts as a primordial organ of life.  Water is the carrier of all cosmic rhythms, it is the contact surface in which water and air exchange. Water is a passageway, it is woven from wisdom and flows in meanders and waves. Water is the motor of all weather processes, a regulator for the climate and plays a decisive role in the heat balance of the earth. The wisdom of water points to the mental and spiritual nature of the humans and gives life to the body. It cleanses, purifies, heals, clears, refreshes and balances. It works warm and cold, light, dark and colourful, has a regulating and healing effect and leads to a lively, moving balance.

Water – the existential question of mankind

Water has been deprived of its universality, it can no longer be the mediator of living wisdom, it is no longer able to communicate with heaven. A chemical inferno is ongoing in which the pollution has won and the living streams of life have fallen ill. We are in a battle for life and death!

Healing shamans are standing on the side of life! 

Right at the beginning: demands and solutions only work if they have an inner weight. If we are ready to endure and express the pain. Solutions are not only technical and economical, but it is the consciousness of each individual and of all humanity that is required!

What are we asking for? How do we find our way back to the spirit of nature?

We reject the abstract, mechanized, calculable forces and laws of nature, which are captured and represented in formulas that lead to planless handling. We refuse to see water as a dead substance, which is only a source of energy, transport medium for ships, nuclear submarines, dirt and plastic. We reject the radical demythologization, the final abolition of the divine. We don’t want water pumped into cities from dead bodies of water. We want the abolition of full automation from the cradle to the grave, which brings with it an objectified nature deprived of wisdom. We reject the optimum of economic efficiency, the non-fraternal competition in which ethical demands are exhausted and a network of egoisms is at work. This network uses carelessness, confusion, whitewash, trivialization, irony, coercion… We refuse to think in terms of dead processes and the production of goods that only serve the convenience of civilisation.

The new water awareness

Solution and cure can only be found if diagnoses are clear and if there is cooperation with responsible water experts and a new orientation of the technology. We need apocalyptic decisions that support us in our fight with the dragon if we want to regain brotherhood and awe of man and nature.

Water, the great healer of all living things

Water is a healer, if we become aware that life is working towards a wholeness, that it runs in rhythms, flows in the time stream, is in resonance with the infinite. If we become aware that water flows through all our lives as a mediator, connecting nature, life and death by constantly overcoming death. Water has a transforming effect in its healing nature, it dissolves what is stuck and promotes flexible thinking. Water flows in a living swing, vibrates in freedom. It leads us to look at the whole and to the need to revive earth, air and water. There will be no solution if we do not take the living back into our thinking. The solution lies within each of us and in the awe of the „blood of the earth“, in the sacrifice of selfish drives, the training of consciousness and the reconnection with the life spirit of the earth.


Shamanism in Europe – Living network of the earth

I would like to start with a look at the current ecocide, in which we experience crimes against all living nature, from the point of view of healing shamanism. This is also my very personal view as a shaman in „Light from the Jurte – Shamanic Centre Vienna“ .

Let’s look out of the window, and this should be done by all those who think they are safe or in the „shamanic scene“ and think that it is enough to drum to the earth a little bit, to attend some courses, to make some trips to shamans.

What do shamans have to look at? Let me give you a little overview: We are experiencing the biggest mass extinction since the time of the dinosaurs, loss of biodiversity in water, air and earth. The enormous global death of trees, the loss of biomass and storms, floods, erosion and droughts, due to overheating. The monocultures of agro-industries provide food with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, neonicotinoids, glyphosate and agents developed for chemical warfare. At the same time, large-scale cultivation with heavy machinery compacts the soil and makes it unusable. This kind of cultivation causes the massive dying of bees, insects, wild animals, earthworms and microorganisms.

Global meat industries with their intensive animal husbandry and cruelty to animals ruin small farmers and promote ideological, dogmatic lifestyles. In this situation of agriculture, who dares to say a word against our farmers who have provided for our food for thousands of years? We are witnessing over-consumption, with the corporations‘ sole aim being to maximise personal profit.

Advertising strategies create needs that they cannot meet. The strategies of disinformation are sophisticated and spread through mainstream media. Microwaves and high-frequency radiation, as G5, do not only affect bees and insects. We are experiencing a plastic tsunami, microplastics, nano garbage, heavy metals and invasive toxins in all liquids and solids, including animal and human bodies. Cancer is on the rise, the body’s own defence systems no longer function. We encounter damaging oil exploration through maximum oil production and fracking, radioactivity with nuclear power, nuclear bomb construction and nuclear tests, genetic manipulation, sonar pollution in the oceans through oversized ships and submarines, wars with the involvement of global weapons industries, overexploitation of ores and metals. An unprecedented climate disruption, through deforestation and destruction of the ecosystems of the Amazon – rainforest, the melting of Arctic and Greenland ice, the thawing of the permafrost, the warming of the oceans.

 The head in the sand

Regina Hruska says: „For shamans worldwide spiritual energy and nature have never been separated. The earth was their host and they acted as a link between the spirit and the earth. I think the awareness that sacred things on this earth are being destroyed has not yet sunk into the shamans‘ heads and hearts. They leave the countermeasures to young people who are screaming their heads off on the streets. I experience this as a painful betrayal of everything that is holy. You don’t become a shaman by attending some courses, which might provide you with a certificate. You don’t become a shaman if you travel to shaman teachers, come back after a short time and think that you are a shaman now. In „Licht aus der Jurte –  Shamanic Centre Vienna“ at every seminar and every day of the training the participants have to realize that they are walking an initiation path with all the challenges that go with it. And this includes taking responsibility for: the living networks of nature, a fair balance between economic, social and ecological needs for us today and for future generations. We must be aware that it is not enough to call the ancestors, but that we ourselves are ancestors and must work and act as guardians of this earth. If the way inside does not also lead to the outside, to our connection with the world around us, then shamanic work is an ego trip and not what it should be.

Shamans, also me in my beginning, needs to heal themselves of suffering and inner darkness.

This ist the way to become a healed healer, with personal knowledge of suffering, internal wilderness and darkness.


Just sitting under the sky, waiting for answer….

Shamanism today ist not only nostalgia for the past. Today it needs the understanding of human beings as well as nature in all her parts in our destroyed civilisation.


The way of shaman is a great and hard way. You will not become a shaman if you buy some seminars.
This initiation – ceremony have the power to change shamans life fort the better.
We will like to invite you to our ceremonies in the Shamanic Centre in Vienna.
Come if you are at a crossroad, when you are seeking healing….



We all have power and energy in us. The power to create and the energy to destroy.
An integral part of shamans power is silence, is fortyfying relationship with all.



The drum is a circle, like the sun and the moon….Shamanism can help to give us strength and power in this global challenge.
The main thing ist hat we are finding more capacity to love. Only love can listen to the life and to the earth spirit.



Retourning what is esssential and really matters.

In our ceremonies we pray with and for you.

It opens the pathways to healing and power.


In this journey the shaman is calling her spiritual teacher in the upper world.

There is a world full of healing for all of us.

There is a world full of unconditional love for all of us.

There is a world for well – being for all of us.


Curative Shamanism

The dimensions opened by the curative shamanism are like a rainbow. It seems not to exist but it does. We can see it, but we cannot touch it. No one can buy it, own it or use it just for him/herself. Its outward appearance lets us take a look into spiritual worlds. This is a dark time, filled with suffering and uncertainty. Many people feel like living cells in a larger body and it is natural, that we feel the trauma of our world. We are not afraid, we feel no anger or fear, because this responses arise from the depth of our caring.
Also the curative perception is like the sun, which is always shining inside of us as our full potential. We are able to see everything clearly in this space, there is no judgement here, which keeps us away from being deep in thought or analysing our emotions. It is a presence – existence in nowhere – of a dual world with all the opportunities and special abilities it enables. Here we can experience what we really are, something that cannot be reduced to a physical form.

Shamanic Trainings

Your personal potential is going to be uncovered, developed and trained on a continuous basis. We observe how a spirit functions, how thoughts and emotions occur, how we identify ourselves with it as well as we watch how a de-identification works. How one can cleanse, settle, let go. Quiet inside waters are going to be aroused so that one can get rid of everything blinding, spiritually unnecessary and conditioned.
Shamanic trainings and practice never become routine. They are an inner concentration, clarity, opening of your heart. They are such qualities as generosity, patience, sympathy.
We do not get carried away by our fascination with shamanic rituals; we just live our ordinary lives, whereas we do not forget to keep the space for purity.
We use different concepts, but we never let them set us a limit.
It is indeed a joyful discipline, which requires us to make some real efforts.

Shamanic Intensive Trainings

Curative shamanism is a living reality, not just an archaic technique. It is a complicated system, but its success always depends on how much effort and decisiveness you invest as well as on what means you have at your disposal.
Only one motive can be acceptable for us — helping other creatures through time and space. We also should undertake tasks of those who cannot handle them themselves and accept responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions. To avoid changes or freedom for safety is not our way.

We connect ourselves with the helping creatures in all the worlds that only exist to help others. We learn to open ourselves to them, to connect ourselves with the everlasting stream of their awareness, energy and strength. It is a difficult task that requires us to renounce the decay of our bodies, minds and souls.
Good or bad, every thought we have is a prayer. Affecting first the originator of thought.
But we identify with the sky, not the clouds!

Regina Hruska

Shamanism is a great adventure, in which the patient and the shaman – healer is involved. Trough his journey and efforts, the shaman helps his patient transcend their normal, ordinary definition of reality, including the definition of themselves. The shaman shares his special powers and convinces his patients on a deep level of consciousness. This spirituality can be defined as the awakening of soul in each individual and shamanism open the direct path.

Shamas worldwide are likely entering very similar states of consciousness when thy do their spezialized work.

The modern world calls for shamans. The world needs wisdom, compassion and healing. Our primary occupation is the navigation of other worlds, and the creating of healing ways. Shamanism can help us to come out of  the illusons we live in. In my view consciousness is the ground of reality.

Shamans at the Shamanic Centre Vienna

The meshed network

We knot the threads of a meshed network of the whole existence together, of everything that has already happened or would ever happen in the future in the timeless world of the eternal “now”.


Curative shamanism is nutrition, keeping safe, rescue, it is a constant process of binding and connecting in our souls, in the group of yurt shamans, in the networks and awareness centres of the Earth and its inhabitants.
We know about the defilement of holiness of the Earth, about the banishment of God to heaven, about the illusion of personal existence, about being captivated in the emotional and mental negativity.
Despite of all this we managed to keep the wisdom, save it in ourselves. This ancient knowledge is willing to be aroused and interwoven into our world.


As the yurt shamans we make a net with a divine element in centre which warms, protects, transforms, which stands for fruitfulness and healing power.
Shamanic knowledge was kept in secret through the centuries. Here in Europe we took back what had been stolen from us before: healing, knowledge of the healing herbs, creativity. We have opened an access into the worlds on Earth and in heaven.
We know a murmur of waves breaking, rustling leaves, power of renewal and reincarnation…. divinity that every creature possesses, which accompanies us in our healing work, observation, singing and praying.
We embrace the light and the darkness, we support at the transitional periods, we are the ones to find balance, who are always present with the loving power and those who never serve the soulless indifference.
People, creatures and the whole world should learn about the healing power and develop their spiritual potential; this is what we want to contribute to the worldwide net. We want to link all of us with the heart source, with the nutrition in the centre, which opposes to the routine awareness and powers of darkness and is a helping, guiding, divine power.


Creative and mental powers of the yurt shamans have been predestined to be connected with the forefathers who decide on the origin and future.
Nevertheless, we do not give ourselves up to an uninteresting knowledge. We live our participation in life to the fullest. It gives us an access to the knowledge that comes directly out of life. We know how the energy of life flows and how to control it. The shamans have always been in charge of balancing the imbalances in people and in life itself, of re-establishment of unity and of giving access to the connections between heaven and Earth.
We oppose current collective physical and mental decay and destruction of the Earth with magic powers of nature; we open and use inner worlds, connections between different worlds, we connect them individually and globally.


The changes always happened either on a personal level or in networks of smaller groups, which are interwoven into a global web of light.
However, the healing power is not a shooting star; it is a real challenge for everyone. We would be glad to accompany all those who are looking for a
conscious access to themselves, who are on their way to self-knowledge and are willing to be a small part of the whole – just as we are.

Chamanismo de curación

La dimensión que abre el chamanismo de curación es como el ver a un arco iris. No existe en realidad pero si existe. Lo vemos pero no podemos tocarlo. Nadie pude cómpralo, tenerlo y utilizarlo para sí mismo. En la aparición de su naturaleza exterior es posible una mirada a sus mundos espirituales.

Punto de vista
El punto de vista del chamanismo de curación es también comparable con el sol, que siempre brilla en nosotros como el potencial integro en nosotros mismos. En este ámbito vemos claro, aquí ni evaluamos ni juzgamos, allí dentro no es posible un nadar en los pensamientos o en las emociones. Es un regalo – ser en el no – mundo dual con todas sus posibilidades y sus habilidades especiales que resulten de ello. Aquí vivimos quien somos de verdad, que no puede ser prensado en una forma.

Entrenamientos chamanes
El potencial personal será descubierto, formado y entrenado continuamente. Observamos como funciona el espíritu, como surgen pensamientos y emociones, como nos identificamos con ello y como funciona des- identificación. Como se puede ser limpiado, ordenado nuevo, soltado… Lagos interiores silenciosos serán revueltos para dejar ir lo condicionado y los estrechos de miras, que nos hacen ciegos.
Entrenamientos chamanes y practicas nunca son rutina. Son centraje interior, claridad, abertura de corazón. Son la calidad del dar, de la paciencia, de la empatía. Una transmisión.
No estamos sujetos a la fascinación de chamanisar, vivimos nuestra vida cotidiana, pero no nos olvidamos de proteger continuamente en nosotros mismos el espacio de pureza.
También utilizamos conceptos diversos sin embargo no somos utilizados por ellos.
Una disciplina alegre a lo cual son necesarios esfuerzos reales.

Entrenamiento profundo chaman
Chamanismo de curación es realidad viva, no solo una técnica arcaica o una repetición de un pasado hace tiempo. Es un sistema complejo, pero por último depende todo de ello, de que cuanto esfuerzo y firmeza introducimos y que medios tenemos de disposición.

Nuestros motivos solo pueden ser, a todos seres por el tiempo y el espacio, serles útil. También tener efecto para quienes que no sean capaces de momento hacer este trabajo. Tomar responsabilidad para nuestro pensar, sentir y actuar.

Nos conectamos con seres serviciales en todos mundos, que solo existen para servir a los demás. Aprendemos cada vez más en abrirnos, a nosotros con su corriente de consciencia, su energía y fuerza, que siempre está aquí a conectarnos. Una tarea difícil que significa la renuncia a la creación de moho en cuerpo, mente y espíritu.
Nos identificamos con el cielo y no con las nubes!
Las chamanas del Centro chaman de Viena que en todo tiempo pueden ser reclamados y reservados de vosotros.