Ancestors in the nordic mythology and in the shamanic work in „Shamanic Centre Europe“

It is quite easy to imagine how people walked through forests and meadows thousands of years ago.
How they perceived elemental spirits, nature spirits and celestial beings.

More difficult it is to conceive how they breathed these beings into their souls. Divine unity – how much people long for it today.
As the consciousness of men awakened, the perceptions of the people of that time sank back into their souls and this deep knowledge became veiled.

ancestors – shamanic divination

Germanic mythology
Shamans kept these abilities through arduous shamanic initiation rituals and training.
They knew about the world of death (Hel), into which their god of light Baldur had disappeared.
He could not be freed even by shamans, despite numerous efforts such as those of his mother Frigg and the courageous Hermod.

They had to face the fear and sorrow of the people and they were aware of the loss of the wisdom that remained sunk in the depths
of the souls.
They kept the knowledge for a long time – until the new light power manifested on Earth. The power of Christ.

Shamans today
In healing shamanism we are following these ancestral forces and our shamanic work is characterised
by numerous shamanic challenges and difficult shamanic work, as in ancient times.
Today, other forces are at work in our souls. We call them the satanic and the luciferic forces.
During the shamanic training, everyone has to bring these into their consciousness and over the years lead them to liberation, redemption and healing.

Shamanic Power
In the Edda, we read in the „Vafthrudnismal“ (45) about Lif and Lifthrasir (life and light bearers).
These realms were attributed to the „primaeval singer“ Mimir.
They are also mentioned in Asmegir, in the song „Vegtamskvida“ (verse II).
There we read about the land of light in the kingdom of death of Hel, where the light god waits for rebirth together with divinely pure life forces (Aesir).

ancestors – shamanic magic

Shamans know
In this benighted darkness of the Nordic peoples, in this
mourning for the loss of light, they gained hope for the victory
of light over darkness.
Shamanic power strengthened their hope and so, for example,
the seer/shaman sings of the victory of the forces of peace.

„There, the mighty one is riding to the council of the gods.
The strong one from above controls everything.
He decides the quarrel and settles disputes.
Then sets peace celebration for ever.“ (Wölsupa 63)

European Shamanism

In the song Vegtamskiva (Edda), the god Odin, aided by the Wala, becomes capable of glimpsing the underworld (realm of death).
Wala, the mother of the women of fate, connected with life and death, enables the god to go his way to the end.
He is ready for his bitter ending, for the twilight of the gods, for death. But it also leads him to a deep spiritual connection with the golden spiritual world of Hel.

ancestors – shaman teaching

Perhaps we could understand the path of Christ also in such a way that he dived down into the darkness into the gold land of Hel, where golden gifts had been prepared. And from there he brought the powers of Lif and Lifthrasir, which Asmegir made available to the people again.

We at Shamanic Centre Europe accompany the personal path of each individual into these depths in our training „Spiritual Healing – Healing Shamanism“ and in the shamanic training.
The shamanic path is uncompromising, but it opens spiritual paths, leads back into light and warmth and to a clear vision of the soul.

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