Shamanism of the Future – Part I

Shamanism of the Future – Part I

The captivity of European Shamanism

In large parts of European shamanism we notice a lack of movement, a clinging to shamanic practices
that have become useless tools in the spiritual.
They try to create satisfaction, to offer people distractions, to lure them with special offers
(certification, masters, yoga, ayahuasca etc.).
This is an attempt to keep their own business safe.
They seem to me like seducers who constantly hold the carrot in front of the donkey.

The ideals that were upheld by our ancestors are missing.
Limitations, comforts, escapes and distractions have entered Western shamanism  like a virus.

I would like to call this false spirituality. And in the long run, this is contributing to warfare in Europe.

Shamanic work has to open doors and windows, even when the icy wind is blowing outside,
with a cold in which humans and animals are freezing to death.

Numerous shamans are wandering around lost, many experienced a fragmentation of their ego due to the truthfulness of those who work in the divine field from which they no longer recover.
They all seek refuge with those who call themselves shamans or have disappeared into the esoteric swamp.

Unfortunately, often we are only able to watch the inner and outer adversary powers at work, which are paralysing people through “ psychologisation“.
We are recognising an emptiness in many people who contact us about shamanic training

Healing shamanism cannot be a substitute for partnership, profession or compensation for the personal feeling of inferiority.
On the shamanic path, spiritual consumerism promotes cowardice, laziness, discouragement, inconsistency, weakness and lack of will.

We are witnessing a dissolution of social as well as personal values.
People thus lose their orientation and in this process of disintegration, they seek distraction.

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Regina Hruska    Stephanie König    Martin Goldmann