Teachers of shamanism

Teachers of shamanism: During the last months in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ and in „Shamanic Clinic Europe“ we have had numerous
conversations with people who want to be trained as shamans.
One thing in particular that we have noticed, or rather what has shocked us, is that many
people who feel attracted to shamanism do not pay much attention to the shamanic qualification of the teacher Even though the teacher provides a long list of the degrees he may have or have not.

What we do not approve of:

There were women who were sexually and mentally abused by their male shaman teachers after they had been brought into a relationship of dependency by them.
This is well known from many a „star shaman“ who knew how to skilfully market his South American origins in Europe.

Now this harm is also done by Austrian shamans.

In other healing methods that would be „abuse of dependents“. Yes, that’s the way it is, and for people who work in other healing professions this will be nothing new, because it happens everywhere.
But something in us as shamans in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ struggles with it.
We do not want to understand how shaman teachers, who are supposed to serve the Supreme,
are able to do this harm.

This is what we recommend:

 We advise every person who wants to follow the shamanic path to check the male or female teacher:

What is their reputation?

How do male shamans treat their students, what kind of relationship does he have with them?

Is there complete integrity? If not – then leave as quickly as possible!

If there is abuse, it has to be talked about. It is of no use to sweep such incidents under the carpet and take the blame!
Being a shaman or wanting to become a shaman does not mean being naïve and gullible.

Do people become better people after the shamanic trainings?

In what environment does the shaman or shamaness live?
And what does he/she stand up for?

What is the financial environment of the shaman, the shamaness?

Does he/she live from the income of his/her training or does he/she also have a regular job?
Does he/she see a banknote in every participant
or does he/she know how to finance his/her life in another way?

We in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ know that traditional shamanism is already very damaged, watered down and shrouded in the clouds of esotericism.
In the crossbreeding and mixing with other methods, shamanism has some blossoms which, like genetically manipulated flowers, no longer produce seeds.

We know that there is no fast progress on the shamanic path It is exhausting, difficult and dangerous.
We also know that teachers of shamanism can open doors, but that the candidate himself must open doors as well. For some, the strong doors become too heavy, they stop in front of them.
Until perhaps the will, courage, trust and devotion are strengthened anew.

Both, shaman teacher and student need absolute trust.
For this to be possible, our vessels in which we walk on this earth must be pure and clean.
If poisons are raging in them or hidden pain is wreaking havoc, then it will not be possible to call
ancestral forces into oneself. The spirit will resemble a field on which glyphosate, herbicides and insecticides have been sprayed. The soil is poisonous, the earth smells bad and needs to be rebuilt.

Traditional healing shamanism in Shamanic Centre Europe

That is why we have placed the VI modules „Spiritual Healing – Healing Shamanism“ before the shamanic training. These seminars are full of spiritual and shamanic practices that help the participants.
They support them to heal their own wounds, to expel impurities and possibly to take further steps to become more whole, cleaner and more permeable.
We first have to find out who we are. It is no use fantasising and wanting to be a shaman Perhaps, preferably, even a great and well-known shaman.

Only then can it be decided whether a shamanic training is really appropriate.
It is not easy to face your own challenges, but it makes sense and has integrity.

We are convinced that shamanic teachers must also show people other ways. I.e. the ego of the shamanic teacher must be pure and without desires.
Is he dependent on people who visit him, he will be seducible.

In this case we recommend: get quickly out of there.

Many shamans are concerned about the number of students and not about the quality of the training and the well-being of the students.

To be a shaman or shamaness means to train to the bottom of the self and its perfection – but only for the purpose to be able to serve others better.
We do not want to become saints and
go to heaven.
We strive to be useful to nature animals and humans in mutual interdependence.


In the West, crises are raging at all levels – but we must not forget where we have come from and where we are going. We must not forget this earth with all its beings.
If we forget our spiritual side, then we have lost!