Shamanism of the Future Part II

Shamanism of the Future Part II

The challenges of shamanism

We at the Shamanic Centre Vienna know that the withdrawal and clinging to the old, the worn out,
promotes violence and war.
We are also aware that we all live together in a tremendous potential for violence fires from spiritual sparks.
We push the boundaries towards new ideals for the future. Every day, alongside

Using our spiritual clarity knowledge, wisdom and balance, we work intensively on building new life forces.
We focus on igniting our existential work in society, we train our powers of thought and will.

We do not make a living from shamanic work – this provides us with a certain amount
of freedom and possibilities.
This gives us the possibility to make individual agreements with future candidates
It may sound banal, but it opens up new possibilities that we will implement.

We also realise that only with this new spiritual training, the angels and archangels, the ancestors
and all those who work in the Christ consciousness will support us.

Shamaism of the future, Shamanic spirituality is a commitment.
Any kind of compensation, dependence and attachment must be overcome
spiritual duties must be fulfilled!

At the Shamanic Centre Vienna we are working on the future, on brotherhood and sisterhood,
being committed only to truthfulness and to the Spirit.

Healing shamanism demands constant devotion and an uninterrupted striving for shamanic knowledge.
Of course, this does not absolve us from implementing what we have realised.
If we did not do that, we would lose our connection and we would not receive support
from high spiritual beings.

Only those who build new shamanic initiatives, ideas and actions will receive support from the spiritual worlds in this interwar period.

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Regina Hruska    Stephanie König    Martin Goldmann