The shamaness

The shamaness once listened to the inner rhythm of nature, its laws and its wisdom,
which she passed on in a chant-like manner.
People gathered around such women, who were the mouthpieces of higher powers.

Healing shamanism
This blog is an enrichment for advanced shamans. Its content also reflects the
shamanic work in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“.
The shamanism of the future will increasingly have to open up the fields of mythology.
Connections to ancestors will become more and more important at a time in which destructive,
hostile forces are waging a campaign of destruction against man and nature.

european shamanism

The ancestress
She appears in the Prose Edda, also in one of the oldest songs of the Poetic Edda,
the Edda Of Sæmund. We know about the Völva, who can even today make our souls chime with her magic song.

The shamaness
In this song of the Edda, the seeress, the honoured wise woman and the praised shamaness is shown to us in a wonderful pictorial way.
The cosmic events she could see and sing about are far superior to today’s shamanism.
Today, the shamaness and the shaman in healing shamanism can only approach her vision step by step. Anything else would be reminiscent of the arrogance of the current mainstream.

shamanism in europe

The Völva
She saw the secrets of the worlds, their coming into being and their passing away, the fate of gods and human destiny in the process of creation.
In the Völuspa, she sings about the creation of the 9 worlds and their 9 branches.

The Giantess
Coming from the lineage of the giants, she looked back to the beginning of time, the time of the giants (the unborn), who appeared as forces of nature.
„Ages ago it was“ „Not earth was found, not heaven“ And she looked far into the future.

The events of creation
In creation she saw 2 polar worlds:
Nieflheim, the land of cold, winds and ice rivers
Muspelheim, the realm of fire.
She knew about the spring Hvergelmir, from which 12 rivers flow (in the centre of
Niefelheim and Muspelheim) and the yawning abyss Ginnungagap, the timeless creation.

shamanic power

The god
She was the seeress of Wotan, and sang of his work for mankind.

World Tree
The world ash tree Yggdrasil (Völuspa 19) appears to her vision. All the powers of the worlds were
united in it, its roots reached to the 3 Urd wells, each of which belonging to one god.
Odin (feeling), Thor (will), Freyr (thinking).
Each worked in one region of the soul.

Time and space
She sings about the creation of time and space (Völuspa 4 – 8), she sings about the appearance
of the Norns, the fate weavers (verses 1, 20) and how the gods created the elemental beings.
(see also: Vegtamskvida 16, 17,18)

She sings of two beings, Ask (the oak) and Embla (the elm) and the ash tree Yggdrasil.

The shamaness
The Völva, the wise woman, was also regarded as a divine being (Tacitus). She heard
primordial whispers and Wotan was able to look into the souls of humans thanks to her.

shaman ancestors

Vision of the shamaness
She saw the end of time approaching, the twilight of
the gods (verse 20 ff).
These verses show
the aged, brooding god.
The Völva closes with her prophetic song:
„There rides the Mighty One to the council of the gods,
The strong one from above, who directs everything.
He decides the dispute, settles conflicts,
Then establishes peace forever. (Verse 63)
It ends with the promise of redemption through a new bringer of peace!

This blog shows a small excerpt of our shamanic work in the
shamanic training at the Shamanic Centre Austria.

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