regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture

The media is telling us every day: „Food prices are rising. The cost of some products has doubled.“
However, it is not communicated that our food industry is in a severe deficit.
Our food system is dependent on products from monocultures, industrial farmland, fossil energy, imports, fertilisers and pesticides…
This creates wastelands, deforestation, species extinction, water shortages, soil degradation, pollution…

soil health

Our essential foodstuffs are traded globally, and we are witnessing supply chain disruptions. We experience crop failures due to wars. The weather systems go haywire,
this is a further threat to crop failure.
Grain prices continue to rise, increasing the cost of bread and other foodstuffs.
This weakens not only low-income groups in society
but also countries.
That promotes the tensions that arise from migration.
Europe practices resource-intensive agriculture, characterised primarily by agrochemicals and a waste of water and energy.
A confusing web of laws and subsidies affects the farming community.

organic agriculture

Organic farming

We are in need of farmers and initiatives who are connected to the diversity of life on their farms and who increasingly build regenerative systems.
Who focus more on soil health and soil healing
through compost.
Who use healthy seeds, practice holistic pasture management and protect our fresh water.

This regenerative agriculture offers protection for animals and plants ensures biodiversity and healthy food.
The protection of ecosystems increases biodiversity.

soil healing

The possible failure of a turnaround

Now we have to address the issue of financing deconstruction.
There is a lack of financing models.
Money is loudly distributed for wars and weapon systems and other aggressive technologies, but not a word about the financial hardship in agriculture.

What is needed is a new economic policy. The jungle of subsidies is non-transparent and profitable
only for large-scale enterprises.There is no further expansion of nature conservation areas, agricultural areas are being enlarged, urbanisation is not being stopped, and food wastage continues
to flourish.

Global Shamanic Centre

Knowledge of Shamans

Every human being should ask himself: Who is benefiting from my actions in the world? What are the benefits for future generations? What comes after me?“
We as shamans understand the world as „Mother Earth“. We know that whoever protects it protects himself. He lives with and not against nature Our ancestors did not rule over Nature but lived moderately as guests within it.
In mythology, we find the symbolism of the wheel and the circle, the eternal return.
This is our spiritual heritage. Everything moves in cycles.
The power of the heavens and the earth move in this way. The forces of the worlds move in circles. Everything should be round.
We cannot move against the wheel.
Whoever grasps himself as a unity of body, mind and soul knows what has to be done and what has to be supported.

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