Peace in Europe ?

Peace in Europe ?

Interwar period in Europe
Hell has come closer to us this year.

„War for Europe is quietly whispered.“

The war for Europe can come as quickly as an earthquake that cannot be foreseen.
An awful lot of people are already in a combat zone in one form or another, in a looming war.
The nuclear war for Europe has come within reach of European people.
The fears of war, existence and health are flooding European societies.
Citizens want to get to safety.
The few clear heads demand: „Europe ought to clean up its own act“. „Europe should seek peace negotiations“. But instead of working towards peace negotiations armaments are being stockpiled
and a new war economy is emerging.

In Germany, compulsory military service is being discussed.

peace negotiations

A significant number of lies and work of destruction against nations is spreading over Europe.
Commonly these forces that we call demons

By this, we do not only understand the emerging war,
but we also refer to the Western-planned new world government, the soulless dictatorships of algorithms,
genetic manipulations, the regency of the new gods,
the superhumans from the laboratory, and so on.

Decades have been spent creating those unspiritual powers that rule us instead of our governments.
But the mainstream is preoccupied with everyday struggles and is unaware of what is befalling them.

Demons need people who sell themselves as being good on the outside but are deeply inwardly the employees of evil.

Numerous fellow human beings are currently coping with mental and physical suffering and live in the hope that this pre-war period will quickly pass them by.
Unmanageable numbers are leaving their bodies.
This is not simple dissociation, this is a loss of personal wholeness and an invitation to demonic forces to move into these bodies.

What do we contribute to?

In every human being, the small flame of light, will and thought shines, one might assume.
This small flame could enable each individual to be compassionate and manifest peace forces.
Media is conveying the opposite.
They are agitating against any kind of peace initiatives, while at the same time urging people to stockpile.
Ego behaviour is promoted on a large scale with fears of various kinds.

People are withdrawing into their families, their homes or their businesses.

Alienated from nature Western man is encouraging its exploitation and worldwide destruction.

Shamans, like so many others, are trying to save their businesses. (On this in the next blog).
The majority does not want anything, they do not want to have anything to do with wars or peace.

This ego behaviour, also of spiritual people, contributes, in our estimation, to warlike energies.

Why is this so? Quite simply because this behaviour radiates far out into the world and the cosmos
The spiritual lies are what contributes to the war in Europe, which links us to the next blog, the attitude of Western shamanism.

Regina Hruska    Stephanie König