„The weapons down“

„Weapons down“ (Bertha von Suttner)
the treasure of peace.

Do you also count yourself among the „good people“?
Are you one of those who help others, who call themselves spiritual, perhaps even call themselves shamans? Who practise yoga, who are proud of their classes to teach spirituality to ignorant humanity?
Do you exclude those who do not want to be taught your truths?
Do you also count yourself among the pure ones whose form of self-armament is the
armour-plated rejection of the world?
Have you withdrawn, do you refuse to perceive the outside world?
Then you’ve come to the right place!

What is it about the good?
On closer inspection, the good usually turns out to be not so good and is often part of the evil
in the big game.

Are do-gooders really peacemakers in a world full of threats and blood-red hatred?
In the light of healing shamanism there is a damning picture for the pure and good.

The universal order is disturbed by the seeds of poisoning demons

peace shamanism

A hurricane of misery is sweeping over Palestine, a field of blood and tears, that is almost unbearable. Bethlehem (because it’s Christmas), engulfed in cosmic night.
Rotating, fire-spitting wheels in Russia and Ukraine.
Europe in utter despondency as the great game of power
is being played.

A population that wants to have everything but has nothing to give. People petrified, stuck in materialism.
They follow what social and political systems impose on them. A stage-like life, without any power of love.
This servitude, this exaggerated egoism opens the doors to unholy forces, to myriads of possibilities for deceit, violence and war.
Western do-gooders are not in favour of peace, they live in the illusion of prosperity and practice recrimination. In this downward spiral they are barbaric, they accept the suffering that wars bring.

What are unholy forces, what are demons?

shamans know

To understand this, we have to go back a long way into the past. They have a long history.
It was at that time when people lost their inner sense of perception. When they sacrificed their connection to the divine world to the outer world and became ignorant. Demons are vortices of power with different spheres of activity. Humanity has never been affected by them as much as it is today.
Demons are like viruses that invade people and drive them to commit poisonous acts.
Demons with their hidden hatred destroy all human beauty and the love that shines in the heart.
Demons oppose the divine, refuse to take the path of peace, of conscious development.
Demons are the power of denial, responsible for the unspeakable misery in the lives of people and nature. Demons are darkened thinking, promoting fratricide. They attempt to murder soul and spirit.
Demons increase suffering indefinitely, promote a godforsaken life. They leave no positive result.

 In „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ we know through our shamanic work that there is a meaning to the wanderings in the darkness.
All mysteries and mythologies indicate that madness has to be and can be neutralised at the very least.
For each individual, this means returning to their own state of being. That is where all possibilities lie.

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New beginning – peace

A real new beginning can only manifest itself on the basis
of spiritual truths.
In healing shamanism soul forces are strengthened and trained. Our workplace is the heart!
The quarrel in the heart, the struggle in the heart must
be waged.
Real peace can only be achieved in the heart!
And only this will lead us to spiritual sources.
To a consciousness in thinking, feeling and willing!

Shamanic challenges

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We need a humanism that does not divide, but reconciles!
Our great challenge remains washing evil with good and leading the earth and all its inhabitants back into a field
of creation.
 I don’t count myself among the do-gooders, I know about the struggle in my own heart, but also about the paths into the divine field.
As a shaman I experience healing shamanism as a young branch of the old tribe.
This branch stands, among other things, for crossing the boundaries of one’s own ego.
This is where the treasure of peace can be found!

This is the stilling of the heart that I wish for everyone this Christmas.

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