Brother Tree

Autumn is approaching its end, the last fruits have fallen and the last seeds
have found their way into the earth.
November fog is bringing moisture, the dark, damp of the season has begun.

An Advent with worried people, with a concerned humanity in the midst of the facts that each one of us experiences: the economic crisis, the destruction of life with all the threats that arise from it.

This Advent is under a different sign. It will not be easy for many people to celebrate it and to turn to a forgotten side of their being.
Perhaps to think deeper into themselves, to feel what is going on in their soul.

raspberry leaf

Many people no longer feel life and health, they experience infirmity, illness and threat.

We also no longer experience the fertilising rain, fog and snow in this winter time, we experience it falling on our earth enriched with acids and heavy metals, destroying our forests. Many things have become brittle, to the point of annihilation and destruction
We are not experiencing an awakening, most of the human inhabitants of the planet are in a tormented dream state.

What needs to happen?
What is it that must save, prevent, heal and balance?

Clematis in autumn

Nothing that is able to save will come until we have recognised what the Earth really is.
Nothing healing will come until we realise that this Earth is permeated to its very depths with powerful forces of life.

And what do we know of her life and soul forces?

If man were to become completely still, especially now during Advent, then he would perceive the throbbing
of his bloodstream and realise that there
are forces at work within him.

We will not awaken to the forces working in the Earth, in nature until we wake up to their life forces

These cosmic soul-forces of the Earth we must take into account in order to awaken.

We should recognise that the Earth has a destiny and is being exploited by humans in every way.

This is accelerating the death forces and dying processes of the earth. But the consciousness of human beings still refuses to recognise this and is dreaming individual and global dreams of fear.

Is there a possibility to think anew ?

shamanic centre europe

If I recognise that the Earth is a living being, that many germinal states are present in it, then I can also borrow from our ancestors Then we can develop completely new thoughts, new technologies and set quite different impulses.

To belong to the Earth would also imply a sense of a global belonging. It would mean to reconnect with the spiritual and the soul. A different way of understanding, different impulses of the will, a different sense of responsibility.


shamanic centre vienna

Realising that the Earth is connected with celestial life forces would allow us to dive into a deeper knowledge and serve to revitalise the Earth.

It would facilitate the cooperation with ancestors, spirits, celestial beings, elemental beings and nature spirits.

Our ancestors devoted themselves to fertility cults, prepared offerings, held sacrificial rites
They connected with the divine and channelled all these forces into the Earth, the trees and forests.

Many of these traditional rituals that we practise today in healing shamanism have nurtured the Earth for thousands of years. There was no such thing as the consumer mindset, nor the consumer attitude.

Refilling the Earth with new life forces, that is the new technology!

The ancestors‘ view of trees is a little guide for all of us

global shamanic centre

 Trees were symbolic, sacred beings. For nature-oriented people they were the place of the numinous, the abode of the ancestors, the celestials, the souls. Near trees they felt close to the divine.

The people of that time felt fatefully connected to trees.

According to archaic ideas, the tree is located in the middle of the universe and connects heaven and earth.

According to Persian traditions, a huge tree rose out of the ocean, and in early Hinduism an inverted tree was rooted in the sky. We find the celestial powers of trees in the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar and in Lamaism.

Trees are understood as a microcosm, as a reflection of the whole, as a repetition of cosmic nature.

The heavenly world, the earthly world and the human world were suffused with her aura of blessing. In all cultures trees have been the dwelling places of the divine.

ancestral medicine

Babylonian songs tell of the sacred tree Kiskanu in Eridu, where Ea walks in pleasure.

And in the imagery from the Old Testament, trees are places of a theophany, an appearance of the devine.
This includes, for example, the story of Abraham and his encounter with the 3 angels under the oak of Mamre.

In archaic man, the brother tree was a power. It was revered for what it gave as revelation.
The cults and sacrificial rituals referred the spiritual beings that were hidden behind the form of the tree.

Trees in their association with goddesses, the vegetation, the heraldic animals were seen as a source of cosmic fertility.

water is life

This included the connection between trees and water. Water carries the germs of life, the tree is their manifestation. The water that trees drank was the blood of the ancestors.

The murmur of the water was their voice.

The motif of the tree can be found in all epochs. Here traditional rituals ceremonies, sacrificial rites and cults intersect.

Neolithic matriarchies, Celts and Germanic tribes had a significant share in the development of magical and pharmaceutical healing powers of trees.

From an archaic point of view, trees have been closely linked to the fate of people.

The mystical connection between man and tree has remained to this day.

Not only is a tree planted at the birth of a child, we also find it as a Christmas tree.

During Advent and at Christmas, we will once again welcome Brother Baum with an open heart

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