Healer training

In ancient schools of healing, the heart sanctuary was the focus of spiritual training.
The healers saw the different bodies of the human being, paying particular attention to the
„body that desires“.

Imagine that this body surrounds us on all sides and, in the constant inflow and outflow of its energies, determines not only our inclinations, our character, our dispositions, but also the nature of our being.
The quality and effectiveness of our heart depends on it.
Even in today’s world, we know that the heart and the head can easily become slaves to our desirous nature.
From the power of the ancestors we know that one desire follows another.

healer training

The training of the spiritual healer

The path of healing
When a person enters the path of healing, i.e. wants to become a healer, a shaman, then a desire for
healing develops.

Renewal! If this person wants to take hold of healing, to develop himself, then with increasing personal development
a longing for salvation, for home, develops.

This is the highest level of desire of which a human being
is capable.

The highest, the qualitatively highest, is the desire for healing.
This touches the heart!
The first touch of healing is in the heart.
It does not touch when there is only curiosity or experimentation.
The heart is the sanctuary of love. It is vitality, fullness of life, possibility of life.
Anything outside of that is ego, is self-centred.
The desire for healing is also egocentric in the beginning.
But the ego gets into trouble because it touches the light of the heart.
The love of the heart has nothing to do with emotional love.
It is of a higher order. It is spirit directed towards the divine light.

spiritual healing

The training of the healer

Healing Shamanism
On the way to becoming a shaman, in the
Shamanic Training Vienna the light, the spirit

must begin to dwell in the heart.
And whoever wants to open and consecrate the heart must find his task on the path that serves humanity.
Pure thought, will and action must begin to flow from the heart.

But how is this possible?
If you feel called to be a healer, a shaman, then purification of the heart is necessary.
This is where the process begins! It starts with the first module of the healer training!
It is not the ego that cleanses the heart.
Many nourish and cherish their heart through numerous methods.
They purr with self-satisfaction. They can spend hours psychologizing about it.
Most of the time nothing new is born, the ego laughs and is happy.

shamanic centre vienna

How can purification succeed?
The traces of life are drawn in the heart.
When one enters his heart shrine,

the cleansing of these traces already begins during the healer’s training.
At the same time, the building of a new home for the soul begins. This does not just happen.
Many resistances have to be overcome. The New must be conquered. But cleansing and healing lead to the focal point between soul and spirit. No cleansing of life works without the awakening of the soul.

In Healing shamanism and in the training „Spiritual Healing – Healing Shamanism“ we learn all the means and ways that can lead to overcoming.
We lead from one strength to another on the safe path.
We offer this in our training courses in the knowledge that the spark of light is buried in every human being. You can participate and consecrate yourself to the calling with all its consequences.
Separate the light from the darkness – let the principle of light come alive in them.
Everyone begins to help themselves and we show the way
to the „shamanism of the future“, to a new healing vocation.

Both in the healer training in the Shamanic Centre Vienna in the spiritual healing course
and in the shamanic training

Our shamanic practice and work is shaped by this.

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