shamanic journey

The shamanic journey in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ is a special, great shamanic ritual and takes place at selected times.

incense shamanism

When during the shamanic journey clouds of smoke from the melting resin of the larch tree and
the tears of the incense tree and other incense are rising,
when the drum is ready, suspicion, disbelief and contempt of the soul flee.

In the yurt, confident trust unfolds and fills the room.
We often hear wondrous, unheard-of things about
shamanic journeys in other countries, but this

quickly becomes insignificant when it concerns a new connection between humans and the earth.
When we hear how wars rage, how children, women and men are injured and killed.
When we hear that man has managed to disrupt the planetary order, how the blessings of peace
have retreated.

The experience becomes incomparably profound when participating in a
shamanic journey in

„Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna.“
Problem-fixated, agitated thinking is calmed.
Roots of problems within and the possible solutions they contain are opened and released for healing.

shamanic path

When the participants have connected in meditation with the fields of peace, networks of nature and with pillars of light,
the shaman enters timeless fields.
She takes the questioners with her as far as possible and opens the gates to their ancestors and celestial spirits.
These enter her and reveal remedies, without good and evil, right and wrong.
Sometimes problems from past and future times have an effect and the person remains trapped in relationship conflicts, lack of money, illness, or blockages.
Problems can show up that are not determined by the mind, defensive strategies, or beliefs.

The shamanic healing journey
does not make promises. Everyone can become their own creator and co-creator, as in the
„Spiritual Healing – Healing Shamanism“ training and in the shamanic training at the Shamanic Centre

He or she can connect to distant ages and ancestral fields with the spidery threads.
When connection and communication with the cosmic active fields become possible, each participant finds their way into their inner unexplored worlds of light and shadow.
These are deeper than the limited psychic and mental levels.
Harmless smouldering fires, usually deeply hidden and repressed, can flare up again.
Brezes can develop into hurricanes to sweep away evil from the shadow realms, from daemonies.

sacrificial ritual

Sacrificial offering

Shamanic journeys are an immaterial heritage and help to reconnect with or reinforce comprehensive healing processes of change.
A symbol for this are often small stones, usually picked up from the street, which the participants bring with them. This not only commemorates past stone cults, it is also part of a
sacrificial ritual at the end of the shamanic journey.

Everyone can participate and focus on their personal concerns, while at the same time soul nourishment flows from powerful sources.

Shamanic journey Vienna
Shamanic journeys activate the morphogenetic field, the collective unconscious and energy fields in the dimensions that people carry around with them.
The participants take with them what strengthens and supports them.
Shamanic journeys have an effect on all participants, whether they come with specific questions or not. Participation leads from simplicity to multiplicity.
They break down conventional boundaries of communication, and lead far beyond everyday consciousness, but always take place in a space of safety, love, creativity, presence and devotion.

Shamanic journeys make us realize that we are not separated from the whole by abysses, but that we are part of the whole.
A moving global network that integrates, renews, expands and strengthens the functional connections between the earth organism and the cosmos.

shaman in vienna

Can anyone go on a shamanic journey?

I believe that in order to deal responsibly with the forces of the spirit and the soul, you need training and practice.
Buying a few seminars does not follow the shamanic calling.

Many people are gifted, but they need to explore the lines that are pre-formed in the etheric-living.
The shamans at the Shaman Centre have been trained in traditional shamanic practice for many years.
Compare this training with learning to play an instrument.
You only become a virtuoso when you practise, learn and develop.

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