Shamanic ancestral journey – 6 January 2024

The shamanic ancestral journey on 6 January 2024 is also dedicated to a
great, mythical and legendary figure

Frau Percht
Her name can be traced back to the Germanic linguistic form. In Old High German „perchata“ means bright, shining.
The shamans at the „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ are aware that this is just another word for White Woman, White Goddess of the mountains.

shamanic practice

The legends tell us: The goddess lives with her servants and the ancestral souls in the Otherworld.
She brings the gifts with her helper Ru-percht.

Shamanic ritual
Their figures could not be suppressed for thousands of years. Today

various regions in Austria and Germany have their own customs on Perchten Night and Perchten Day.
It was not only St Boniface around 673 AD who railed against the original shamanic rituals also for St Severin of Noricum the shamanic rituals of the Germanic tribes were a source of offence.
These rituals were often forbidden as „superstitious sorcery“ by ecclesiastical and secular authorities.

Shamanic journey
These shamanic cults were based on a deep belief in nature.
Frau Percht was not only accompanied by the souls of the dead but also by numerous fertility spirits.

shamanic work

Percht Day – Percht Night
The light, the whole and holy should be accelerated, while the evil and demonic should be driven away.

Around 1000 A.D., the Holy 3 King’s Day was still the Percht Day, once a high feast day of the goddess. The evening before is known as „Perchtennacht“.
The Greek name Epiphany can be found in the glossary of Mondsee Abbey germanized to „giperchten naht“ and „zi deru Perathun naht“. Throughout the Middle Ages, 6 January was known as Perchtentag.

How was Frau Percht depicted in folklore?
She roamed the countryside in many different appearances even long before the  Three King’s Day.
She has different names from region to region: Perchtlgoba, Hulden, Hollenweib, Berchta or Stamp.

shamanic spirituality

Shamanic knowledge
Her nature is half human, half demon, beautiful, fairy-like and auspicious.

In the past, this was an aspect of the Great mother.
Or she appeared evil, ugly, treacherous. Wild and impetuous or as keeping things in order.
This dual face shows the goddess of light, of the sky and at the same time the underworld, the darkness.
When the light Percht appears, everyone knows that the black Percht is not far away. Sometimes she wanders through the countryside alone, sometimes with a crowd of deceased souls or she travels in her wild hunt with dogs and cats.

shamanic power

Acestral Medicine
The farmers in the mountains of Austria drank the „Perchtenmilch“, leaving half a jug for the Percht.
They were aware of the right of the „food for the ancestors“
If nothing was given to her, it was possible that she would take the gifts by force.
As we shamans see it, this shows that the ancestors are more powerful than us living beings. There are numerous reports about the honouring of ancestors, the feeding of ancestors and sacrificial rituals.


shamanic path

Triple Goddess
In the Neolithic Age, in matriarchal societies, ancestors were seen as benevolent. They lived as souls of the dead near the benevolent mother, the Triple Goddess and the mountain mothers.
Hardly anyone can resist the wild hunt. It demonstrates the
law of fate. Death and return are manifested in it.

 European ShamanismShamanism in Vienna
The shamanic training is centred on the mythologies of this earth, also the shamanic mythology of the Neolithic Age, the Celtic and Germanic mythology.
During the shamanic ancestral journey on 6 January, I will be happy to tell you more about the myth of nature and souls and the customs of Three King’s Day.

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