Water – the challenge for our consciousness

Water – the challenge for our consciousness

The life element water comprises everything, humans, animals and the nature as a whole. According to the view of healing shamanism, its qualities are the universal, the indeterminable. Water is itself defined as an element, because it helps living beings to live, because it binds life to itself. It is a primordial motherly principle and acts as a primordial organ of life.  Water is the carrier of all cosmic rhythms, it is the contact surface in which water and air exchange. Water is a passageway, it is woven from wisdom and flows in meanders and waves. Water is the motor of all weather processes, a regulator for the climate and plays a decisive role in the heat balance of the earth.

The wisdom of water points to the mental and spiritual nature of the humans and gives life to the body. It cleanses, purifies, heals, clears, refreshes and balances. It works warm and cold, light, dark and colourful, has a regulating and healing effect and leads to a lively, moving balance.

Water – the existential question of mankind

Water has been deprived of its universality, it can no longer be the mediator of living wisdom, it is no longer able to communicate with heaven. A chemical inferno is ongoing in which the pollution has won and the living streams of life have fallen ill. We are in a battle for life and death!

Healing shamans are standing on the side of life!

Right at the beginning: demands and solutions only work if they have an inner weight. If we are ready to endure and express the pain. Solutions are not only technical and economical, but it is the consciousness of each individual and of all humanity that is required!

What are we asking for? How do we find our way back to the spirit of nature?

We reject the abstract, mechanized, calculable forces and laws of nature, which are captured and represented in formulas that lead to planless handling. We refuse to see water as a dead substance, which is only a source of energy, transport medium for ships, nuclear submarines, dirt and plastic. We reject the radical demythologization, the final abolition of the divine. We don’t want water pumped into cities from dead bodies of water. We want the abolition of full automation from the cradle to the grave, which brings with it an objectified nature deprived of wisdom. We reject the optimum of economic efficiency, the non-fraternal competition in which ethical demands are exhausted and a network of egoisms is at work. This network uses carelessness, confusion, whitewash, trivialization, irony, coercion… We refuse to think in terms of dead processes and the production of goods that only serve the convenience of civilisation.

The new water awareness

Solution and cure can only be found if diagnoses are clear and if there is cooperation with responsible water experts and a new orientation of the technology. We need apocalyptic decisions that support us in our fight with the dragon if we want to regain brotherhood and awe of man and nature.

Water, the great healer of all living things

Water is a healer, if we become aware that life is working towards a wholeness, that it runs in rhythms, flows in the time stream, is in resonance with the infinite. If we become aware that water flows through all our lives as a mediator, connecting nature, life and death by constantly overcoming death. Water has a transforming effect in its healing nature, it dissolves what is stuck and promotes flexible thinking. Water flows in a living swing, vibrates in freedom. It leads us to look at the whole and to the need to revive earth, air and water. There will be no solution if we do not take the living back into our thinking. The solution lies within each of us and in the awe of the „blood of the earth“, in the sacrifice of selfish drives, the training of consciousness and the reconnection with the life spirit of the earth.


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