Shamans at the Shamanic Centre Vienna

Shamans at the Shamanic Centre Vienna

The meshed network

We knot the threads of a meshed network of the whole existence together, of everything that has already happened or would ever happen in the future in the timeless world of the eternal “now”.


Curative shamanism is nutrition, keeping safe, rescue, it is a constant process of binding and connecting in our souls, in the group of yurt shamans, in the networks and awareness centres of the Earth and its inhabitants.
We know about the defilement of holiness of the Earth, about the banishment of God to heaven, about the illusion of personal existence, about being captivated in the emotional and mental negativity.
Despite of all this we managed to keep the wisdom, save it in ourselves. This ancient knowledge is willing to be aroused and interwoven into our world.


As the yurt shamans we make a net with a divine element in centre which warms, protects, transforms, which stands for fruitfulness and healing power.
Shamanic knowledge was kept in secret through the centuries. Here in Europe we took back what had been stolen from us before: healing, knowledge of the healing herbs, creativity. We have opened an access into the worlds on Earth and in heaven.
We know a murmur of waves breaking, rustling leaves, power of renewal and reincarnation…. divinity that every creature possesses, which accompanies us in our healing work, observation, singing and praying.
We embrace the light and the darkness, we support at the transitional periods, we are the ones to find balance, who are always present with the loving power and those who never serve the soulless indifference.
People, creatures and the whole world should learn about the healing power and develop their spiritual potential; this is what we want to contribute to the worldwide net. We want to link all of us with the heart source, with the nutrition in the centre, which opposes to the routine awareness and powers of darkness and is a helping, guiding, divine power.


Creative and mental powers of the yurt shamans have been predestined to be connected with the forefathers who decide on the origin and future.
Nevertheless, we do not give ourselves up to an uninteresting knowledge. We live our participation in life to the fullest. It gives us an access to the knowledge that comes directly out of life. We know how the energy of life flows and how to control it. The shamans have always been in charge of balancing the imbalances in people and in life itself, of re-establishment of unity and of giving access to the connections between heaven and Earth.
We oppose current collective physical and mental decay and destruction of the Earth with magic powers of nature; we open and use inner worlds, connections between different worlds, we connect them individually and globally.


The changes always happened either on a personal level or in networks of smaller groups, which are interwoven into a global web of light.
However, the healing power is not a shooting star; it is a real challenge for everyone. We would be glad to accompany all those who are looking for a
conscious access to themselves, who are on their way to self-knowledge and are willing to be a small part of the whole – just as we are.