Permaculture in agriculture, in the garden, in traditional healing shamanism

When I reflect on permaculture today, it is not in the same way as I did many years ago when we started it in the healing garden of „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“.
Agriculture and permaculture have been forming the cultures in Europe for thousands of years, but this has changed fundamentally.
All over the world we are confronted with a uniformed civilizational development, which, as I see it, is doomed to death. World-wide we experience a soil destruction. More than 1 third of the soils are dead and useless for agriculture.

The great inventiveness of human brains, the strictly technical way of approaching animate and living nature, has disrupted man’s relationship with it and destroyed bridges. This kind of technology, nowadays used in agriculture, does not respect diversity, healing and preservation of living systems, solidarity agriculture, regional infrastructures, and small-scale, organic and Demeter farms.
It only seeks to increase productivity in farming systems as it does in animal husbandry. The resulting environmental damage and the cost-intensive ecological problems are well known. There is little awareness that these costs have to be paid by the taxpayer.
Isolated laws of nature, cheap commodity production, expansionism of agro-industries, digitalization etc. are powerful antipoles to agriculture, permaculture and traditional shamanism as we understand it as shamans in „Shamanic Centre Europe“ Human intelligence in the form of heavy machinery, food stock market and corporations directs the production of our food.

According to the perspective of shamans however, nature is the great conductor of everything that grows and flourishes. The entire animate and inanimate nature, which has its life and soul from the rhythmic forces of the Earth and the Cosmos, makes everything on our planet grow. The forces of nature are producing, we humans are giving our labor. Such an approach includes all alternative farms, gardens and permaculture. As I understand it as a shaman this path leads to versatility in all aspects, to biodiversity, to human-nature interaction, from which wholesome foods emerge.
Industrially produced food is thrown onto the market as unrivaled cheap brands. The low price then trades off with the cost of environmental devastation, disease, subsidies, low nutritional value of products, etc.
Is this really what we want?
New germinating initiatives
Agricultural products carry within them the seed of renewal. A rye grain brings us bread and has within itself the strength for the next sowing. Agro-industries and intensive agriculture must be radically examined, as well as the use of glyphosate, herbicides used since the 60s, synthetic fungicides and insecticides that turn nature into a field of death and the specialized agricultural supported individual enterprises.

We as shamans in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“, in the „Shamanic Clinic Europe“ and founders of „shamans4future“ appeal to the individual powers of judgment. If the human being as a microcosm is an image of the macrocosm, then it has ideas and forces in its cosmos about how a growing and becoming can unfold in the inside and outside.
Find hope and courage!
Be with nature!
Give back to the earth what you get from it!