Curative Shamanism

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Curative Shamanism

The dimensions opened by the curative shamanism are like a rainbow. It seems not to exist but it does. We can see it, but we cannot touch it. No one can buy it, own it or use it just for him/herself. Its outward appearance lets us take a look into spiritual worlds. This is a dark time, filled with suffering and uncertainty. Many people feel like living cells in a larger body and it is natural, that we feel the trauma of our world. We are not afraid, we feel no anger or fear, because this responses arise from the depth of our caring.

Also the curative perception is like the sun, which is always shining inside of us as our full potential. We are able to see everything clearly in this space, there is no judgement here, which keeps us away from being deep in thought or analysing our emotions. It is a presence – existence in nowhere – of a dual world with all the opportunities and special abilities it enables. Here we can experience what we really are, something that cannot be reduced to a physical form.


Shamanic Trainings

Your personal potential is going to be uncovered, developed and trained on a continuous basis. We observe how a spirit functions, how thoughts and emotions occur, how we identify ourselves with it as well as we watch how a de-identification works. How one can cleanse, settle, let go. Quiet inside waters are going to be aroused so that one can get rid of everything blinding, spiritually unnecessary and conditioned.
Shamanic trainings and practice never become routine. They are an inner concentration, clarity, opening of your heart. They are such qualities as generosity, patience, sympathy.

We do not get carried away by our fascination with shamanic rituals; we just live our ordinary lives, whereas we do not forget to keep the space for purity.

We use different concepts, but we never let them set us a limit.

It is indeed a joyful discipline, which requires us to make some real efforts.

Shamanic Intensive Trainings

Curative shamanism is a living reality, not just an archaic technique. It is a complicated system, but its success always depends on how much effort and decisiveness you invest as well as on what means you have at your disposal.


Only one motive can be acceptable for us — helping other creatures through time and space. We also should undertake tasks of those who cannot handle them themselves and accept responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions. To avoid changes or freedom for safety is not our way.


We connect ourselves with the helping creatures in all the worlds that only exist to help others. We learn to open ourselves to them, to connect ourselves with the everlasting stream of their awareness, energy and strength. It is a difficult task that requires us to renounce the decay of our bodies, minds and souls.

Good or bad, every thought we have is a prayer. Affecting first the originator of thought.

But we identify with the sky, not the clouds!

Regina Hruska

Shamanism is a great adventure, in which the patient and the shaman – healer is involved. Trough his journey and efforts, the shaman helps his patient transcend their normal, ordinary definition of reality, including the definition of themselves. The shaman shares his special powers and convinces his patients on a deep level of consciousness. This spirituality can be defined as the awakening of soul in each individual and shamanism open the direct path.

Shamans worldwide are likely entering very similar states of consciousness when thy do their spezialized work.

The modern world calls for shamans. The world needs wisdom, compassion and healing. Our primary occupation is the navigation of other worlds, and the creating of healing ways. Shamanism can help us to come out of  the illusons we live in. In my view consciousness is the ground of reality.

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