Agroforesty systems

The increases in the prices of gas, gasoline, electricity, and food, etc., are forcing more and more people toward the cheap foods, away from healthy foods. It is a feeling as if a dark blanket is being placed over the things that are really needed. We are witnessing incompetent politicians, directed by corporate powers and warmongers. We are now living in a time of nuclear threat of resource depletion, where the oil and gas tap is just „dripping“.

What is really needed ?

We are in need of a healthy agriculture that is in harmony with the laws of nature A biological agriculture, in which the “ more and more profit “ is not the priority like in the industrial agriculture.
We are in need of a society that advocates „Healthy Soils – Healthy Food – Healthy People“. We also need the farmers of the future!

Agroforestry systems

The so-called „future farmers“ are returning to a farming system that fed humans and animals from Neolithic times through the late Middle Ages and is now called agroforestry.

Agroforestry systems combine trees and shrubs with cropping and livestock on the same land. They combine arable farming with forest pastures, hedgerow landscapes, orchard meadows, with forest field cultivation.


A simple example: trees (fruit trees such as apple tree pear tree cherry tree mountain ash walnut tree and chestnut etc.) and shrubs (blackberry raspberry barberry blackthorn hawthorn etc.) are placed in between the strips of arable land. In between, plants, medicinal and field wild herbs (poppy common corn-cockle cornflower common gromwell dead-nettles speedwell vetch etc.) and food plants are allowed to grow. For example, it has already been shown that wheat in an agroforest has deeper roots and a higher protein content than grain grown on chemically contaminated, compacted soils.

Functioning ecosystems

Thinking in terms of generations, agroforests combine forest and field. Trees take deeper roots than plants, and if climate-resistant trees are planted, they can withstand heat and drought.
For too long, humans have been fighting trees to gain arable land and pasture.
Organic farmers are again planting trees in the knowledge that they create optimal climate conditions and offset the effects of heat and drought.
Trees create habitat for countless species, increase biodiversity in fields, and produce fruit, animal feed, biomass, energy, and wood. Humus formation serves to heal the soils.

If our young farmers and community-based organizations are planting something today that will not yield for 10 to 20 years, it will contradict our economic system and its focus on profit.
Our society needs these hard-working women and men with vision who practice ecologically sound, soil-building, poison-free agriculture in organic farming. And we should recognize and support them!

Regina Hruska “ Given the ecological drama, our future is uncertain. But we in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ and in the „Shamanic Clinic Europe“ are against scenarios of doom of any kind. The Earth will survive mankind!

We are experiencing an immense, incomprehensible inflation in all areas of life, we are experiencing the loss of biodiversity and of species, threats to the soil, loss of soil health, forest dieback, unhealthy industrially produced food, industrial animal breeding, plastic waste, water shortages, climate change….
in a word: the omnipotence of corporations, or as we shamans in the Shamanic Center Austria call it, the rule of demony.“

Blackbird – Shamanic Centre Europe

Let’s support the worldwide farms of small and organic farmers, of Demeter farmers in their efforts to be ecologically valuable and economically profitable. Especially in the worldwide development of agroforestry systems, holistic pasture management and other ecological, soil-building, productive concepts and projects.

We need „the economy of love“

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