Winter Solstice

The winter solstice and the corresponding shamanic journey in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ is a special event, as in the time of our ancestors, who went through many changes and crises.

ancestral medicine

This shamanic journey is characterised by petitions, prayers and chants, as in the time of our forefathers.
These are for finding the solution, healing and fulfilment of requests that may arise in personal as well as social life. 

People sit in a circle, incense is burned and the space is opened for those spirits and ancestors who work in the light. This opens up fields of peace and harmony that connect us and the earth we live on with
the healing cosmic cycles of change.

Everyone is invited to participate in these heart connections and soul ties on this evening.

demonic forces

What is different this time

The new demonic forces we perceive on our planet
are trying to reach for the light that shines deep in the soul of every human being.
Their food is our love, our joy, our compassion.

These new demonic forces work in secret. They also intent to destroy our fellow world and create illusions, separation from the living, with the aim of severely damaging the earth.

These are not conspiracy theories, but this is our perspective as shamans and it is the view of many sensitives and healers worldwide

The shamanic journey is under the protection of the sacred and all the forces on earth and in the spiritual realms that counteract these demons.

shamanic journey

Shamanic journey once and now

In the times of our ancestors, the unhappy, the worried, the entangled, the fearful, the insecure
and the sick turned to the shaman.
Many lamented their suffering and revealed their secrets.

In the shamanic journey around the winter solstice,
the shaman was closely connected to the light,
and was a channel for the answers that came from the light realms. And also this shamanic journey will follow the shamanic traditions.
In a similar way, this traditional shamanic healing work is done for Mother Earth for the animals plants
and trees for all the elements

The winter solstice, with the strengthening of the light, was and is an expression of joy, an expression of holiness, of supportive divination and light-filled magic.

Especially on this evening, the otherworldly show us ways of beauty and power.
Humans have known thousands of years ago that they are incomplete and empty, that they are easy prey for demons if they do not solve their inner problems.
But many before us have opened the doors to the inner darkness and have experienced that
healing and resolution is possible.

healing shamanism

What is different about this winter solstice

This time, people no longer expect prosperity, pleasure and lightness during the Christmas season.
They experience these new demons as heaviness,
as lack, as fear.
Many see this time as the interwar period, in which Europe in particular is being driven to the wall.


That is why this shamanic journey on the winter solstice is a very special one!
Remember, all the information we need is stored in the spiritual worlds, in the ether.
On this evening we want to bring this information into our lives and bring obstacles in our personal field
to solution and healing.

Let the subtle raindrops and snowflakes enter our hearts and allow healing to happen.

You are cordially invited to participate in this shamanic journey with all your questions and concerns!

And: In case you do not have enough money for this evening, because gas and electricity prices are exploding and there is not enough money to live on, please contact us. A solution will be found!

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