Peace and Demony

Peace and demony
A lot of thinking people ask themselves, what is peace?
Is it a deep hope in man? If so, what is it?
Is peace a compromise?
Do we also have to make peace with satanic forces?
Or does peace mean a reconciliation of opposites?
There are numerous questions, but we don’t want to get into a philosophical discourse.

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Good and evil
As early as Persian mythology, we hear about the battle of light against the darkness. Later on, the Mithras cult, came as a balancing principle to this duality.
In Germanic mythology, the gods were drawn into the demonies and with them the human world.
In Greek mythology, evil was seen as a defilement of the world of the gods, as the ugly, the imperfect.
Later on, the people of the West perceived the demonic as personal suffering and bore it heavily.

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Demons of today
Today we are experiencing new dimensions of demons and we can no longer avoid them.
Evil seeks gateways through our personal weaknesses with the intention of obsessing and mechanising us.
Demons work by alienating us from the sacred and the spiritual.
Through falsification of reality, digital external influences, lulling of consciousness, through demonic intelligence and genius, paralysis, etc.
Evil also manifests itself through the hatred of the deceased, whose souls from the abysses of the worlds of the dead have a destructive effect on the earth.
Together with the living, they are involved in the genocide of the Palestinian and
and Armenian peoples, the countless wars, the destruction of nature etc.

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Healing power in and from
‘Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna’

We work on a state of healing and togetherness.
On the connection to divine sources.
On the harmonisation of inner and outer life forces.
On the new, light core force of life.
We are all called upon to awaken the higher forces of good in and around us
and to develop defences against the poison of evil.

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