Mythical symbols

Mythical symbols, the world of myths resounds in people like a longing and like a warning.
Myths are lifted out of the stream of time, the people of that time were witnesses of primeval events.
This is still repeated to this day, as myths are independent of time and space.
In „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ we work with mythic symbols.
In this shamanic blog we bring some mythic symbols. They are written by our ancestors, for example in the nordic mythology.

We return to the Edda, to the Fiölsvinsmal – songs in which a shamanic initiation path is described and which is rich in shamanic symbols.
In Fiölsvinsmal, we read about Winkald, who wants to awaken his High Self (Menglada), his female soul, his mistress.

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The gate
The gate Thrymgialla (thunder sound) is placed in his way by satanic beings (sons of the blind Hödur).
For shamans today, this means that from time to time they lose their vision into the spiritual world.
With courage, perseverance and patience, their
connection must be re-established again and again.
This means that the
satanic beings must be overcome with the help of the sacred beings (Sacred Heart).

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The belt
Once a belt has been placed around the shaman’s heart, he can no longer move spiritually.
If he does, he falls victim to spiritual illusions.

In the Edda, Fiönsvinsmal 28, we find the clay giant Sinmara, the deceiver of the senses, the illusory figure that must be overcome.


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The dogs
We find the alternately sleeping dogs in the Edda as guardians of the realms of the dead.
In Fiönsvinsmal they are Gif, the voracious one, and Geri, the greedy one.

The shamans can become greedy and voraciously chase after material things.
The shamanic path is then easily lost.
Dogs as guardians are often found in Germanic mythology, for example in Skirnisfor also in Skirnisfor,11,12 and Vegtamskiva 6. It is important to note that the dogs cannot be bribed with material things.
shamanic gate of initiation only opens when the opposing powers (Lucifer and Satan) are overcome.

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The rooster sat on the tree of life, today it sits on church towers. Initiates needed, as described in the Fiölsvinsmal songs, the power of the sun.
Symbolised by the rooster.
The golden rooster symbolises vigilance and the awakening to a higher life.
On shamanic journey, the shamans must be able to carry their sacred heart, their high self into the spiritual world.

Mythical symbols are numerous in our native mythology.
They are
part of the shamanic training at the Shamanic Centre Vienna.

Shamanic rules
To this day, shamans are tested to see if they are worthy.
They meet their
guardians, the protectors of the spiritual realms.
They do not allow anyone unworthy to cross the threshold.
In the shamanic training at the „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ these rules are observed.

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