Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence

Collective thought processes, as we are experiencing them in the current health and economic crises,
are difficult to understand.

Shamanic Centre Europe

Collective Intelligence
Bees could help to understand what collective intelligence is. They are characterized by their swarm intelligence. No single bee has the leading role and, to put it bluntly, neither does the queen bee.

Honey bees
Each individual bee acts freely and follows the intention to serve the survival of the entire hive.
Each bee has and keeps its individuality, expresses it and contributes to the whole.

Collective swarm intelligence
The centre of this collective swarm intelligence is that no single group, such as the food-gatherers – bees or the nest seekers – bees have the power of command.

Collective Intelligence
No single bee and no group needs to know the whole answer.
The intelligence of the whole comes from the action and interaction of the different groups.

Healing Shamanism

European Shamanism
Bees are a team that works well together,
self-interest is secondary, each individual bee works for the benefit of the whole.

Shamans work
If you want to understand why the current crisis is affecting everyone, you have to realize that
nature is the basis of our economic activity. It creates everything, man only shapes it.

As long as people assumed that there were divine beings, spirits and gods, the way we dealt with all beings in nature was different. Later, the one God prevailed and at least from the 16th century onwards there was the order Subdue the earth.

Shamanism of the future
This fact exactly we must now learn to see with new eyes
Those who live with reduced perception, those who experience themselves and nature as separate,
have a lot to learn in these days.
Regina Hruska