Global Shamanic Centre

The Global Shamanic Centre in Vienna and some important ideas

The world above our own is full of loving help and never stops in its efforts
o help and guide us away from that which holds us to the world of materialism.

But we are so locked into our lives of struggle that we seldom hear the
unspoken words that are attempting to guide us through the maze of life.

Global Shamanic Centre and nature

We forget that we are an integral part of nature and the same natural laws
that govern the life of plants also apply to our own development.

Let us take a tree as an example.
A seed, when it falls from the tree to begin its earthly life, contains all the information and potential it is going to need to become the gigantic
tree of the future.

Shamanism of the future
In this same way a spirit entering birth contains all the information and
potential it is going to need to become the divine spiritual being of the future.

Shamanic power
The soul is no different to that of any tree as it grows and reaches for the light. There will be cold dark winters to be endured and dry parched summers through which it has to struggle before it reaches above the hardships of life to bathe
in the beauty of spiritual light.

Becoming Spiritual
Human life is no different, and as the soul matures through the struggles of many lives it becomes stronger and less concerned with its own security.

Regina Hruska

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