Unprecedented economic crises

Unprecedented economic crises

People keep asking me what we can do in these threatening times. As a shaman in Vienna, it is not easy for me to respond to the current crisis, because the interrelationships are very complex and contradictory. I don’t have a tangible picture, we are standing at a gate and have to get ready to step through. But before I write about healing, shamanism trust, purification and inner rebirth, let me first summarise where we are:

An unprecedented economic crisis, the likes of which have not been seen since the 1920s, has a firm grip on the world and many people.

Countless companies are facing insolvency, while the super-rich are making profits. Hundreds of thousands in Austria and millions worldwide are unemployed. Millions live in poverty, hunger and misery, while digital and pharmaceutical conglomerates record profits. We are witnessing a doubling of hunger and poverty while stock markets flourish and the rich get richer.
Financial systems are experiencing radical changes, while our current financial system is artificially maintained. A new cashless financial system is being prepared, money flows become controllable and manipulable.

Democracy is increasingly giving way to totalitarian social orders with the help of strategies of fear. Political power operates with increasing constraints that make far-reaching social changes possible. Bans on contact, assembly, demonstrations, etc., basic rights are restricted, surveillance is expanded, people who think differently are silenced.

Home office, video conferencing, digital learning, online services etc. are already state of the art, not just a business model for data collectors.
Surveillance by algorithms is accelerating and an information war is raging regarding who will be able to control our thoughts. The highest profit is to be made from human communication.
People are being fed certain information, indoctrinated and manipulated, led away from themselves, from nature,
from the sacred – healing, from the other, from the whole.

A turning point in human history

The worldwide lockdown policies reveal an economic logic that destroys the connection between man and nature and replaces it with a connection between man and machine. What is needed is adaptation, pettiness, controllability, feedback. The exact opposite of what the content of the lectures and seminars of the Shamanic Seminars Vienna stand for.
Ruling systems that are wasting resources continue to promote speculation, market expansion, rationalisation, territorial expansion, mass animal husbandry, the use of chemicals in our environment, military-industrial complexes, and so on. Experiential knowledge is replaced by market knowledge and transformed into control knowledge (behavioural patterns are converted into goods). Biotechnology and digital assistance make human bodies usable, genetic modelling with new life planning, artificial immunisation, the new way of dealing with disease, etc. This includes the network of vaccination programmes being prepared by politicians, media and health organisations.

Money rockets of the future

We are witnessing a transformation that is changing us, that risks turning us into automatons and robots fed by artificial intelligence.
We are experiencing a time in which the parliamentary legislature is transforming itself into an acting executive, a ministerial decree machine. In the suspension of normality, the constitution is suspended and democratic decision-making processes are bypassed. Dissenting opinions are defamed and beaten to death as „conspiracies“. Enemy images, as needed by authoritarian states, are built up.

Subsidy practices, loans worth billions to problem enterprises, whereby it is to be feared that production can no longer be ramped up. An inexhaustible flow of funds and state subsidies – but who will pay for the loans?
It also reveals a deal: we take away your freedom, in exchange we give you support. We close the borders, but open the state treasuries. We continue to invade the last remaining intact natural areas, continue to contaminate the soil and keep animals in fattening facilities. In return we give you food and beverages and you don’t get any ration cards.
It‘ s good to take precautionary measures, but we have already arrived in a conformist hell.
The desire for freedom, independent thinking, social communication, responsibility and much more have become minor.
However, this brings with it the danger that many souls will darken even more or that more people will leave their bodies.
Regina Hruska Shaman Vienna „A lot of darkness is now being washed up from the souls and I think we have to release it in a healing way. We have to sharpen our consciousness and use all possibilities to connect to nature and the divine field. The shamanic training in Vienna also serves this purpose.
But more about that in one of the upcoming blogs.