The mistletoe, the master – mystery plant

The mistletoe, the master – mystery plant

If we take a look at the mistletoe on the tree, we experience the image of exposure. The mistletoe exists in an inbetween space, is a border crosser, lives against the rhythm of time and is positioned in a tense polarity of above and below.
It tells us that living on the border does not necessarily equate to facing death. It calls us to be flexible and to decide constantly anew. It counters the danger of being exposed and falling into hopelessness with its perseverance it is a transmitter of a healing message.

Mistletoe secrets assist in healing, lead through the dark thicket up to the top of the trees. Mistletoe flowers always remain open, even when it snows or rains.

Now in the winter time the mistletoe bush is greening and white pearls appear before our eyes. This ancient plant was festively decorated for the winter solstice, and its white pearls were considered flowers for the dead by our ancestors.
Shaman wise woman and shaman harvested mistletoe mostly at the beginning of the dark season. For them, mistletoe was the allhealer, and was harvested on moonlit nights. They celebrated mistletoe as having healing powers and bowed to its divine essence. They picked and honored it in the knowledge that the divine and the healing were within reach in this dark time.

Knowledge alone is not sufficient

We must take in these healing powers, as if we were inhaling them. Mistletoe is bundled light. This light permeates the original plant in all its areas and gives us healing substances and impulses.
It draws these healing substances from the light of the sky and the sun, the moon and the stars, and leads us to the connection between Heaven and Earth. In this rhythmic vibrating of devotion and reception it keeps its dynamic balance.

Stubbornly it radiates from the trees at winter time and our ancestors always created connections to it. Celtic shamans and priests druids regarded its flowers as „the sperm of the cosmic bull“. Symbolically, the white bull Finnbenach represented the inexhaustible creative power, the universal healing power. The originally white, bright appearance of the mother goddess Finnabair also belonged to it.
Until today the bull is considered in many cultures as the indomitable principle of creation, as we have shown in detail in our video „Happy cattle?“ on the platform shamans4future
Remedies were already produced at that time, for example as ritual drops or ritual tea. Today, the „allhealer of the shaman and the druid“ is well proven. Regina Hruska „It is true now as then: It is of little use to have substances injected under the skin if healing does not simultaneously penetrate into the deeper layers of consciousness. If it does not penetrate and illuminate at the same time our many facets.
Let us create a spiritual connection to the mistletoe and let it lead us to our innermost core, to Sophia, the divine wisdom!
We all need its healing power especially in these dark times, because it gives hope and light to us who are looking for healing!“

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