The energy of ancestors

ancestral energies work unconsciously in the collective memory for a long time until their time has come and they seep to the surface. Last summer, when the pandemic and the ensuing controls were felt by everyone, an additional virus manifested, which many people called the virus of dictatorship. Since that time, it was evident that unhealed wounds of humanity had begun to surface. Since the war in Ukraine at the latest, humanity’s unresolved traumas have washed to the surface and the aggressions in our neighbouring country Ukraine are showing us that fascist ancestral energies are repeating themselves. The tears of World War 2, the merciless collective destruction and the hybrid dreams of fascist regimes have not only become visible, but also tangible for many people in the West.

Regina Hruska „Through fear, worry, panic, sleeplessness, fatigue, weakness and inner heaviness, people lose their energy and fall into a paralysis that they have not known to that extent before. They feel that evil, as it has happened from time to time in the history of mankind, has rebuilt itself. As shamans we know that in individuals, evil is often the result of trauma, the result of loss of soul, and consequently a destructive hatred of all that is light. A life in this darkness is capable of unimaginably cruel actions and ultimately takes on a life of its own. This evil is what we see in the wars that are instigated by a few in collaboration with the demons. The current merciless cold rage that we have been experiencing for decades not only in the global destruction of nature, but also directly in the threatening entities and horror images of the war in Ukraine. These aggressions and the resulting dangers of a third world war also remind us of the fall of Atlantis, which was destroyed by the elites of that time.“

The evil that has split off from the orders of creation is directly confronting people in Europe again today. Through the ways of life of the last decades, through the „more and more“, „faster and faster“ at the expense of nature and other peoples, it had the opportunity to spread rapidly and also to disseminate itself in the murder weapons of war technologies.

The power of the ancestors – ancestral healing

Stephanie König „In this will to destruction that is at work, we first of all need the power to say „no“ with our thinking. No to all seductions, fragmentations, confusions that want to lead us away from the creative, what in shamanic terms is the „white way“ We need the connection to all the helping forces, to the ancestors, in order to be able to create a space for peace. We need resonance with the whole, with the forces of creation, in order to bring transformative forces not only into our own lives, but also to be able to send them to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and the Slavic peoples. The healing shamanic power is within ourselves and it is here that we must bring it to the surface. Only then can we heal fascist ancestral energies and leave the path of fear ourselves and walk the path of trust and connection. Rediscovering the light for ourselves personally is important at this time for every human being. It will be stronger than fascist energies, than worries about personal well-being in the coming economic crisis. We stand for this light and for the resulting work of awareness in the shamanic centre in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ and in the „Shamanic Clinic Europe“ Join us in the meditation „Peace for Ukraine – Peace for Russia – Peace for the World“ which you can find on our video channel. You can find the text on our page „Global Shamanic Centre“