Shamanism in Europe – Living network of the earth

Shamanism in Europe – Living network of the earth

I would like to start with a look at the current ecocide, in which we experience crimes against all living nature, from the point of view of healing shamanism. This is also my very personal view as a shaman in „Light from the Jurte – Shamanic Centre Vienna“ .

Let’s look out of the window, and this should be done by all those who think they are safe or in the „shamanic scene“ and think that it is enough to drum to the earth a little bit, to attend some courses, to make some trips to shamans.

What do shamans have to look at?

Let me give you a little overview: We are experiencing the biggest mass extinction since the time of the dinosaurs, loss of biodiversity in water, air and earth. The enormous global death of trees, the loss of biomass and storms, floods, erosion and droughts, due to overheating. The monocultures of agro-industries provide food with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, neonicotinoids, glyphosate and agents developed for chemical warfare. At the same time, large-scale cultivation with heavy machinery compacts the soil and makes it unusable. This kind of cultivation causes the massive dying of bees, insects, wild animals, earthworms and microorganisms.

Global meat industries with their intensive animal husbandry and cruelty to animals ruin small farmers and promote ideological, dogmatic lifestyles.

In this situation of agriculture, who dares to say a word against our farmers who have provided for our food for thousands of years?

We are witnessing over-consumption, with the corporations‘ sole aim being to maximise personal profit. Advertising strategies create needs that they cannot meet. The strategies of disinformation are sophisticated and spread through mainstream media. Microwaves and high-frequency radiation, as G5, do not only affect bees and insects. We are experiencing a plastic tsunami, microplastics, nano garbage, heavy metals and invasive toxins in all liquids and solids, including animal and human bodies. Cancer is on the rise, the body’s own defence systems no longer function.

We encounter damaging oil exploration through maximum oil production and fracking, radioactivity with nuclear power, nuclear bomb construction and nuclear tests, genetic manipulation, sonar pollution in the oceans through oversized ships and submarines, wars with the involvement of global weapons industries, overexploitation of ores and metals. An unprecedented climate disruption, through deforestation and destruction of the ecosystems of the Amazon – rainforest, the melting of Arctic and Greenland ice, the thawing of the permafrost, the warming of the oceans.

The head in the sand

Regina Hruska says: „For shamans worldwide spiritual energy and nature have never been separated. The earth was their host and they acted as a link between the spirit and the earth. I think the awareness that sacred things on this earth are being destroyed has not yet sunk into the shamans‘ heads and hearts. They leave the countermeasures to young people who are screaming their heads off on the streets. I experience this as a painful betrayal of everything that is holy. You don’t become a shaman by attending some courses, which might provide you with a certificate. You don’t become a shaman if you travel to shaman teachers, come back after a short time and think that you are a shaman now.

In „Licht aus der Jurte –  Shamanic Centre Vienna“ at every seminar and every day of the training the participants have to realize that they are walking an initiation path with all the challenges that go with it. And this includes taking responsibility for: the living networks of nature, a fair balance between economic, social and ecological needs for us today and for future generations. We must be aware that it is not enough to call the ancestors, but that we ourselves are ancestors and must work and act as guardians of this earth. If the way inside does not also lead to the outside, to our connection with the world around us, then shamanic work is an ego trip and not what it should be.



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