Shamanic trainings – shaman rock in Austria

Shamanic trainings – shaman rock in Austria

This year, in the seclusion of the deserted mountain, the shamanic trainings took place for a few days. These are challenging on a physical – emotional – mental and spiritual level. Nothing for shamanic impostors and actors. The efforts made this time brought about a quantum leap in each participant in this time of changes.
How did it come about? We were guided by our ancestors and the spirits of the place to the only unique shamanic rock in Austria, access to which is only granted to a few initiated shamans.

Such shamanic rocks are places of origin that were experienced by the Great Mother in a similar way to caves and stone pillars. They were considered birthing rocks, the seat, throne and place of incarnations of the Earth Mother and are among her oldest symbols Consider also the Kaaba of Islam, the stone of the Temple of Jerusalem, the numerous navel stones around the globe and many others. Stone knives were sacrificial knives and in ancient Persia, for example, stone knives were thrust into the earth when sowing seeds.

The shaman stone to which we were led rests in the shape of a circle on and in the earth. The circular shape is a symbol of the cosmos. Light passes through its centre and bundles itself into the light of the world.
In earlier times, such a place was considered creative, formative and charged with spiritual potency. Later, cult, symbolic and pictorial experience and conceptual thinking developed from this. Shamans of this early period did not place themselves above nature as „lords of creation“. They lived in nature. Just like us today, it was a primal need for them to thank and honour these consecrated stones.

Just as we do today, rituals and cults took place at these sites and during shamanic journeys advice and enlightenment was given out of spiritual motives. The shamanic journeys in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ are based on these traditions.
Shaman stones are a marker, an earthly centre where shamans can connect with the below and with the above, the cosmos, the divine realms. This brings about alignment with the divine, connection with human and animal souls and with helpful beings working in the worlds of creation.
All participating shamans are grateful to be able to look back into the greatness of past times in such a place. Because today this is no longer punishable by death. This punishment was enacted by Charlemagne in 789 by an edict and contributed to bring healing shamanism to an end.

The connections to the divine grow through the shamanic journeys on the ascending stone. Being embedded in the spirit of the world, in myth, in earth and cosmos, we will succeed in supporting as many people as possible in this time of change. We want to give curative energy into nature, together with other souls, in order to bring about a new social direction, far away from any romanticism. Perhaps some people will feel called to share this path with us.