Shamanic Library

Shamanic Library

Let us stop the ecocide! We would like to cordially invite you to the plattform of shamans4future founded by the two shamans Regina Hruska and Stephanie König which sets new signs.

Let us stop the ecocide!

Let’s stop greed and obsession with profit, which are destroying life on earth!

These are the concerns of the platform. But how is this to become possible? What contribution can shamanic work and shamanic views make?

For many years we have been counteracting the ideas of separation. We are calling people back to the awareness that we are, together with all beings and things, a part of the whole, members of the universe. That we have to return to trust instead of fear, to peace instead of global massacres of man and nature.

What do the products in „shamans4future“ stand for?

They include a wide range of shamanic healing knowledge, cosmologies of communication with trees, plants, animals, spirits prayers, art, etc. that are the basis of the biosphere, connecting us and creating unity. Each article is embedded in the views of archaic shamanic practice whose branches stretch over all the past epochs up to the present and point into the future!

Many people have buried this knowledge deep within themselves. They suspect, however, that they have to separate themselves both personally and on a global level from many patterns and habits that prosperity has brought with it, for themselves personally as well as for communities.

When a new era begins, forces are released! Our videos, brochures and art serve to support these forces.

At the same time, we are increasingly experiencing forces that are not connected to the sources. Political and religious power blocks, selfish ownership, revival of dictatorial measures, plundering of resources, war against the blueprints of creation, etc. All this leads to a global holocaust, to collective memory sickness.

The mission for us is clear and unambiguous! We need the cords that connect everything.

These cords are thin and hardly perceptible. They all lead to a gate, the opening of which connects us with the divine creation, which opposes the separative thinking. Healing shamanism of which shamans4future is a part, opens into the worlds of light and brings the visible together with the invisible. Be it in awareness work in seminars, trainings, shamanic journeys, meditations, in ritual ceremonies or in art.

The articles in shamans4future are dedicated to renewal, they support the change of perspectives, the levels of existence. They connect with the fields of healing forces, healing work, life forces in everything that is.

We still live in duality and need to reclaim much. At the same time we work individually and globally and build new life models!

We live in uncertain times. shamans4future creates foundations of the new that harmonize with spiritual mental patterns and that point to the future. These are the cords of love that work through the ages. You can find them in the videos, brochures, mediations and in the art.

Have fun browsing!  Regina HruskaContact