Shaman Ritual Ritual for Mother Earth – on the Shaman Island Olkhon

Shaman Ritual
Ritual for Mother Earth – on the Shaman Island Olkhon

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The traditional ritual of the shamans on the shamanic island of Olkhon in Siberia is carried by the wish
that all may continue well on earth.
This desire is the heartbeat, the basis for the gathering of many shamans from different areas and countries.

shamans healing work

The shaman ritual for Mother Earth is taking place at a crucial time when various „time bombs“ are threatening our planet.

Starting with the wars and ending with:
the depletion of mineral resources,
the destruction of habitats,
the increase in toxins
and the progressive decay in every field.
The future is uncertain,
but shamans do the work they have to do.


shaman ritual

 In this major ritual, they are taking care of the well-being of all creatures on earth.
They are working for a sharpened perception of the sufferings and dangers, to which both man
and earth are exposed.

They are connecting heaven and earth.
They are also working for a strong community of human beings, of all non-human species and the communion with ancestors and


shamanic journey

With this shaman ritual, they are strengthening the motivation of everyone to work towards a recovery of the world. Clearly and simply, they are singing and drumming for trust and reciprocity, for collective action
in the service of the sacred ancestors and helpful forces.
Their chants for well-being, despite all dangers and injuries, have an effect on the living planet that is the source
of everything.
Shamans are the ones who are interweaving the threads with which all living beings are connected.
Their weapons in the shamanic ritual are compassion and insight.
A lack of fear of the pain that has become entrenched in the world.
Their spirits and ancestors gave them insight into the interdependence of all life and phenomena.

shamanic path

Shamanic Journey
In their shamanic journeys, they sharpen their consciousness.
This lets them
realise how short-term the time frames of our current world situation are.
In the shamanic journeys during the shamanic ritual they receive the wisdom and gifts of the ancestors.
They experience the love of the forces of creation

and receive the instruction for sharing it.
Thus they are able to transmit the gifts
from the
heavenly worlds.

Every drum beat flows into the breath of air and very word sung serves as a breath of the renewal of life.

We need a powerful, encouraging and reciprocal connection to all life.
We need pure hearts and fires of perseverance in our changing world.
All this is given to us and we can use the forces to heal the webs of life.

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