Samhain – culture of death

Samhain – culture of death

Before the pandemic, death found access to people at the latest at Samhain/All Saints‘ Day. Since March of this year, however, entire societies have been confronted with its flights of sparks.
Death is the most individual experience of man and at the same time the most universal. No death is like the other, one day it becomes reality. Samhain should remind us of that, but this festival has degenerated into a business. The once holy cult of the Celts has fallen into oblivion, as well as the awareness of our mortality, of the connections to our ancestors, of all those who work in other worlds.

But today I would like to give you a little insight into the views of death in other cultures and the views of healing shamanism

The culture of death in Ancient Egypt still has an influence on the Occident today. Thanks to the spiritual insight of the initiates, they knew about the intertwining of body and soul during their lifetime and tried to preserve the „sun body“ (Ka, Ba, soul bird out of gold, doppelganger, ancestor), which detaches itself in death. Death rites are described to us in shimmering rays, fear-soothing sources of the consent of life and death. Where the soul flies back to the stars, to the origin of its being. For her, heaven was the benevolent goddess Nut, who in primeval times was embraced by the earth god Geb and who was later separated by the wind god Schu. Long before Christianity’s belief in the resurrection, they knew about the transformation of all concentrated life forces into light. Regina Hruska and Stephanie König shamans in Vienna

Fear began only with the Greek – Roman culture, the views darkened increasingly, while at the same time the intellect developed strongly. From this time on, uncertainty and fear began to dominate. This fear remained in early Christianity, when a god had to pass through death. This fear made people unhappy all these centuries, hindering all joy by fear and trembling. To this day it forbids everything and in this constant anxiety man loses his vitality.

For us as shamans, death is both dawn and dusk at the same time, allowing us to overcome the lack of understanding of the great mysteries. This leads us to the connection to the guardian of the present time epoch, the archangel Michael. We know that death stands beside us, forcing us to let go of the clinging, the holding. In his company he makes us capable again and again to leave the body and to make it available to the helpful ones in the shamanic journey.
Many seekers of knowledge, who want to experience the ups and downs of the spiritual world, usually turn away from shamanism disappointed, because many shamans meanwhile follow a mediumism instead of taking the hard way of expanding their consciousness.

For us as healing shamans Regina Hruska and Stephanie König death means the victory of the spirit, the turning-out from the physical. Therefore shamanic journeys are something special, then it becomes possible to contact something forgotten by others in the spiritual tissue. In the shamanic journey the soul of the shamaness becomes the priestess of the spirit, the mediator, who is at the same time able to receive information and translate it into the earthly language.