Samhain and our ancestors

Samhain and our ancestors

The business of selling pumpkins, which fascinate with their variety of colours and special shapes, flourishes as the time around All Souls‘ Day/Aller Saints‘ Day approaches. The mass spectacles on Samhain, which covered up the origins of these festivals for years before the pandemic, will not take place to the same extent this year as in previous years.

Should we perhaps take the opportunity to remember the rituals of our ancestors?

These memories, which are stored deep in our cultural memory, lead us first and foremost to the turnips. They planted turnips, which we now call „wild turnips“. Turnips, which promoted human and animal health, were not for sale. At best they could be traded. Many of our crops can no longer be traced back to their origin. However, our current beet seems to be descended from the „Beta vulgaris“, the wild beet. Today, it only grows in a few regions.

Turnips, like other vegetable plants, have developed a diversity over the centuries. From growing cycle to growing cycle, many breeding practices have been used, not counting genetic manipulation. These were no longer aimed at producing varieties that could be propagated by seed.

This raises the question of course, what has really remained of the tradition of our ancestors regarding Samhain (and other central annual festivals)?

It is certain that there are only a few testimonies of Roman and Greek authors left. Even the interpretation of the texts is not easy, as the people and their view of the world is very different from ours. They had a different humanism, thought and lived differently.

Since much of what was once is now covered with a veil of mystery, this naturally opens the door to simplification. We believe that anyone who is not able to lose contact with the present world view to experience the spiritual wisdom of the ancestors will be wrong in any of our seminars. Whoever wants to take imagination, comfort, ignorance, fantasy and folklore with him on the inner path of initiation, which is offered by the shamanic training in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“, is on the wrong track.

Regina Hruska „Our path is similar to that of our ancestors: to fit into the cosmic whole, to bundle personal energies into one single spiritual energy and to use its powerful effects for the benefit of nature, spirits and human beings. This is what the power of the ritual and the shamanic journey to Samhain in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ stands for.