Peace or Apocalypse

From the shamanic point of view there are always uncertainties concerning the future. It was not foreseeable, how fast the western and eastern world be rushing towards each other like icebergs. If one takes a look into the war zones, one might think that the human mind has been switched off and that a dark spectrum reveals itself to us.

We have entered a new age and many people are now finding their words, „Stop the madness!“ And they ask themselves: „Will this war end in a nuclear war? Is this the beginning of the war for Europe, the 3rd world war that was prophesied?“ „Where does the war lead to, which in the background is also waged against nature and digs away our livelihoods?“
That distroys the good everywhere, especially in the western world? Good outweighs evil, but isn’t good also the foundation of evil? Many different forces try to take the good from us and lead a bitter warlike fight against it. The earth and its laws are the good, which is further destroyed in the background of the warfare!

The cold war against everything spiritual

To seek the spiritual in times of crisis was one of the strategies, one of the gifts of our ancestors. But today our universal connection is to be cut off, which has already become clear during the pandemic. An outside world appears, which seems cold, dangerous and strange, although freedom and self-determination are anchored in every human being. In centuries of struggle, man has won democracy, which now is also threatened in the West. In Russia it has moved into the far distance.
But in East and West, in North and South, demons, phantoms and ghosts are created by weapons. They affect man animal the whole nature and a peaceful change.
Are not wars, no matter what kind, the seeds sown by man? The intervention of the adversary powers, which we shamans call demons takes place through the actions of man. They are not sent by obscure powers. They are invited by people, nurtured and cared for. They are against everything wholesome, rejecting everything spiritual, bright – healing – holy and work deeply into the souls.

Peace and war in the collective consciousness

Our consciousness is magnetic and if we look at war and global disruption, we see karmic accumulations, the collective karma of our collective consciousness. Regina Hruska says: „Our collective memory reaches far beyond the individual consciousness and has remained as a soul force despite the development of intellect, reason and the evolution of the ego. We use this soul force, the collective memory, also on the path of self-knowledge, in the shamanic center especially in the trainings „Spiritual Healing – Healing Shamanism“ and in the shamanic training It leads us into the world of archetypes, of ancestors and legends, of myth and into those spiritual dimensions in which fields of peace lie ready for this earth, for this world.“

What can we do?

One thing we can do, even in a very simple way, is to pray and meditate That is to repeat in our minds simple healing formulas brought to this earth by masters of wisdom. Whoever lets these live in his heart, higher spiritual forces flow through him. He is strengthened and dormant peaceful forces can awaken. Prayer formulas are a means to connect with lightful currents, also with those that flow through our world. A supportive spiritual environment, as offered by the shamanic centers „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ and the „Shamanic Clinic Europe“ is an essential factor in processes of change.
The future is uncertain – that is inevitably part of our time. But how we deal with it is up to us.
It would be harmful to continue to feed the karmic collective fields.
Only if we turn inward will we become capable of a love, a care and service for one another and we can avoide the icebergs that collide with each other.