Our earth from the view of the helpful spirits

Our earth from the view of the helpful spirits in „Licht aus der Jurte – Shamanic Centre Vienna“

The time had come when the earth had been put in danger by barbaric powers. The corridors for weapons and technologies that are destructive to humans and nature are still open. The people are startled, luxury shopping and mass consumption, which for the majority obscures the clear view, has been abolished for the time being. The inner focus on the sugar-sweet world of consumption, greed and thus the effects on nature have remained. The high fever of the earth sinks only temporarily, it needs a comprehensive „treatment“, no short-term medicine. So do people who need social, economic and health-related, long-term care.

Waiting for answers

Regina Hruska „For a long time we have been asking ourselves how the human race came up with the idea of being able to buy heaven with all its inhabitants? To sell the earth that supports each individual, with its sacred elements, the fires, waters and airs, for money and gold? You know all about the cycles of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, calcium and iron. You know the micro-circuits, their complex cooperation, all the interconnections and feedback loops in the cycles of nature. Look in the rear-view mirror, how did it end when gods, giants, humans tried this?

We ask ourselves, how could you forget the sacredness of every plant, blade of grass, tree, stone… and seriously disturb the life systems on earth? How could you deforest landscapes, contaminate waters with your garbage, kill with your waste thousands of animals and experiment with the weather?

How could you not treat animals in the seas, in the air and on land like your brothers and sisters? Many of the unique, irreplaceable life forms have left and many are already leaving.

How could you contaminate the holy earth with your poisons, garbage, noise, microwaves, cheap oils, pesticides, fertilizers, GM productions, your GPS controlled harvesters, your electronic farms, your greed, your drugs, your radioactivity, your weapons?

How can you look away from the great suffering of the streams of refugees, the discrimination of women, of small farmers and organic farmers?…“

Sweet prospects? From a healing shamanic point of view, there is a danger that everything will remain the same after the current pandemic. The Earth’s ice sheets will continue to recede, permafrost will melt, the Amazon rainforest will be abused and ecosystems will be damaged. There is a danger that the slogan of unlimited growth will continue to confuse the minds and counter the wisdom of the earth with over-activity.

Healing Potentials

There have always been jobs without economic growth. There are economic models where there is social justice, where there is no poverty. Let us break the negative feedback and spirals, let us seek ways out of competition, war economy and unlimited growth. Let us support future generations who want to prevent the further decomposition of the ecosphere, the further crimes against humanity and nature. There is also potential in the religions. But above all, the energy of constructive change, the spiritual foundation of the earth, is found in „Heilschamanismus“ and in the integral shamanic associations on this earth.



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