Nuclear Power Plants – No thanks!

Nuclear Power Plants – No thanks!

There are many monsters on this planet at the moment. In recent days, an already wellfed new beast crawled out of hiding.
European debates about the reintroduction of nuclear power, the „green deals“ behind the made pandemic hysteria, have been going on for some time.
I would like to preface this blog by saying that the Chernobyl catastrophe caused a small turning point in human history and now they want to go back to this riskful technology.

We do everything for the climate

We are living in a world of interand crossconnections and for many people it seems to be not perceivable, what is affecting the planet so unbearably. Fortunately, there are numerous initiatives and movements who recognize, with their discomfort with the political world, the real existing democracy deficit, the „greenwashing“.
The project of the EU is an attempted management of the climate crisis that relies on technology and is not willing to change anything in itself.
Governments seem blind and deaf to the destruction of the biosphere and the global ecosystem of the earth.
The nuclear debate of the EU verges on perversion and bears the seal of egomaniacal treatment of the earth and of creation. It continues to promote global predatory capitalism.

The climate and environmental movement of young people, „Fridays for Future“, brought millions of people onto the streets, although politicians and governments do not take them seriously.
Hopefully they will also stand up to the nuclear lobby, like „shamans4future“.
In our time it is grossly negligent and disastrous to be blind and deaf to the dangers, to get used to the unbearable, as shown by all pandemic regulations, to hope it will pass. Warnings about the collapse of ecosystems have been issued for more than 30 years, and change can only succeed if our human interests are in harmony with those of nature.

Cold powers

Regina Hruska „The cold power, which dominates the societies of the earth, challenges us to confrontation. This requires a precise sense of the present and a retreat from media. It needs vigilance against digitalization and occupying artificial intelligence that accurately records our likes and dislikes. Established systems with their media industry of emotions, with their ideological reality industry and the digital shortening of knowledge, are aiming at the reinforcement of the existing instead of the new. Mainstream instead of individuality.“

Visionary goals

The change can only be successful, if we achieve an „economy of brotherhood“, a reverence for the living, the creation! That means system change towards an ecological world.
This does not only require objectivity and the expansion of personal consciousness. It needs above all also an awakening of past wisdom traditions in the variety of their appearances.
So we can stop the stream of forgetting and confront abridgements and principles of usefulness which information machines deliver to us.

Creating something new is obtaining a nuclear free Europe
Creating something new means change, creative resistance, ethics, responsibility, peace attitude and creating light.
Creating something new means to expand the capabilities in the spiritual and mental space. To 
create footprints in the planetary and cosmic consciousness.