Myths – Mythology – Mythos – Shamanism

Modern man has been alienated from Mythos, myths and mythologies or they have been maliciously distorted. He lives nature without spirit and spirit without nature.
Also in the shamanic-esoteric scene we notice that it excels in half-knowledge and ignorance and avoids the effort to dive into the depths of the myths.
In the shamanic training in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ we take the path from life through death and demony to new life, just like our ancestors We open the accumulated layers of the past, whereby layer after layer becomes transparent.
Myths and mythologies give depth, meaning and colour to Being. Every shaman in the Shamanic Centre Vienna traverses mythical images and also orientates himself to the seemingly lost past. The fate-determining power of the mythos is brought back into consciousness.
Myths of origin
Mythos, myths and mythologies lead into the depths of time and the world and beyond the depths of the soul. Myths of origin are, for example, the tales of the Flood. But we know that these flood narratives are much more ancient and are based on past memories. In China, for example, a great flood was reported 4200 years before the Flood. Or the myth of Atlantis 11 000 years ago. According to Chaldean calculations, the flood began 39 180 years ago. Likewise with the Tower of Babel, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the story of the Garden of Eden, and so on. We can see that myths open up space after space and that we wander without a solid foundation.
Regina Hruska „Primordial knowledge and prophecy bear mythologies, they include the past and the future. They describe the descent of souls from the worlds of light and their embodiment in the material world. They narrate the perfect intertwining of the human with nature and the development of the human towards the otherworldly spirit. They tell of the entering of the spirit into the soul – which means nothing else than the blessing from the heavens with the gifts from the depths.
Myths have always been conceived anew – whenever something new developed on earth: sedentarisation, development of writing, printing, etc.“
We as shamans in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ and the „Shamanic Clinic Europe“ draw our traces in the always valid, spirit-filled timeless. Myths help to model the world, to explain it, to change it and to open up alternatives. They provide solid ground, are foundations of our relationship with Earth. We live, act and die in them.
In our society, Mythos and mythical thinking represented the archaic times. This was taken away from us by the rational age. The path went from Mythos to Logos. From this, an opposition was constructed, although they both complement each other.
As shamans we reactivate the mythical thinking and connect it with the logos.
Myths activate the “ We “ in a wholesome sense. The individual lives his or her personal myth and carries within him or her a treasure trove of myths that reaches far into primeval times. This does not exclude the personal „I“. Myths are common property. Myths are part of the collective memory, full of recurrence and repetition, and from there they act as a force of destiny.
If someone lives his or her personal myth, then this is connected to the collective myths. They are stored in the primordial ground, primeval forms of life, an archaic inheritance. They are the most original, timeless means of bringing people together and developing perspectives for action.
Myths and mythologies provide us with a path within the confusion of our life and help us to find our way out of the labyrinths with dignity and without the judgement of good and evil. Soul and spirit have been one and should become one again, then we can also give the Earth the love it needs!
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