People, societies and the earth are facing fundamental changes. The excessive activity has subsided, although many still believe the stories of the good fairy who will set everything right. We all face obstacles that violently try to express their true ess ence under false pretences. The whole earth is infused with insecurity. A virus has broken down the protective walls in which so many have felt safe.

What can we still rely on?

We rely on those who value creation and walk with us on the changing path. The magic of our presence requires courage to accept what is dying while the new has not yet arrived. It requires the willingness and confidence to jump into the arms of the unknown.
In „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ we invite everyone to use the social lockdown for the benefit of the individual and the whole and to strengthen the threads of life that are based solely on love towards creation. The basis for this is the responsibility we have for each other and for the earth. This is not an easy task. We are dealing with forces that try to reverse the path of development on earth and block our efforts.

For many it will be a hard way to learn new things and to reconnect with the Christ power, the helpful spirits with the earth and its forgotten wi sdom, with its new ways and signposts. And for some it will be difficult, if not impossible, to admit their failure, to stand up again and begin anew, purified. 


Many people sense the clash, the conflict between two different energies. Energies that try to cut the threads of life on all levels, to manipulate, to „robotise“, to misuse visions. Imaginations and nonsense are brought into the world and in their manifestation new and rigid patterns are installed, wrapped in promises to control the earth with computers, technologies, science and materialism.

The spiritual energy is completely different. It is peaceful and healing and wants to manifest.

People can easily get lost in conflict, but also in the new healing energy For this reason the channel of connec tion, the connection to Christ consciousness, the link to the divine field, to the helpful, to ancestors is of great importance. Many find this bond wordlessly in nature but I recommend with all my heart to do this consciously, with whatever means are at your disposal. This disorientation in the global social shutdown will not be solved with only rational or only spiritual practices.

We need to be consequent, we need to open the temples of our hearts and the decision to walk the path in freedom. We need a clear focus on the changes in connection with nature we need protective covers and shamanic knowledge and practice that give impulses to walk new paths. In this sense I cordially invite you to participate in our „Shamanic Journey on Winter Solstice“. This journey explores new ways, like life it is based on cyclical principles, in contrast to what we are always taught: from day to day, from week to week… In the shamanic journey everyone can experience the healing creative process in which there is much “ time“ and which opens healing spaces.