Healing instead of control

Healing instead of control

It could be that more and more people realise that the current situation no longer has much to do with the realities of our lives. In the mainstream media, it’s the same thing every day: the numbers of people suffering from covid, vaccination doses, vaccination plans, those willing to vaccinate, those unwilling to vaccinate, and so on. It is as if a kind of schizophrenia has taken over modern health care and society.
I can’t hear any more about the golden age that is supposed to have dawned. Once again the promises of salvation, while hundreds of thousands are dying of hunger, thousands upon thousands are unemployed, an incalculable number of insolvencies are on the horizon, the suicide figures in Austria are higher than the so-called „corona deaths“, nature continues to be destroyed, nuclear power plants surround us, wars rage, and so on. Beautiful Gold….

An incomplete overview

The transition from the industrial age to the cybernetic age, in which the connections between man and machine will be decisive, has been accelerated by the 2020/2021 lockdowns.
Industrial capitalism had been in distress long before the Corona crisis, with the particular downfall occurring in 2020. Today, we are witnessing a shift in capitalist forms of appropriation away from the transatlantic space, towards Chinese dominance.
New raw materials and a new system of accumulation has exacerbated the crisis! The new raw materials have been joined by human bodies – biotechnology and digital assistance make them controllable.  Life in the smart home, in the smart city, new life plans, new ways of dealing with illness, blocking of disease and health, genetic modelling: a new capital market has opened up.
Human data, already coveted before the crisis, but currently increased several times as much, make data collectors happy and rich.
Automata, robots, artificial intelligence and their interconnections make human labour unnecessary in many core industrial areas.

Global chains of goods with their web of production chains, especially where production and condition are cheap, cover the planet. Logistics is essential in this process, with the People’s Republic of China playing a leading role. By 3035, China will be relying increasingly on future technologies such as the Internet of Things, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Surveillance bracelets and technology-supported total surveillance are already integrated into the system. The planned Corona app in our country has a similar structure, it warns. If a warning appears on the mobile phone, quick testing is required. Fine, but how does the app know where someone has been and who he has met?
Supply chains work right up to the front door, Amazon experienced record demand. Logistical networks can be found in conference and communication services, with cloud – streaming – services building ever larger server farms.
But what is really new since Covid?
We know that the capitalist mode of production always produces crises. But not this time. This time it is the state that is bringing production to a standstill. But as it turns out, it is not up to the new problem structure and has to take precautions almost weekly in big stagings. In the process, it has become a ministerial decree machine, but the bureaucratic machine is no longer up to the task. The measures resemble oversized documents that interfere with the way we live our lives and restrict our freedom.
Obedience is enforced with the promise of saving the economy.

Reality, nature commonality are presented as unattractive, as sickening, and digitalised worlds are sold as smart worlds. Home office, streaming services, social media, videophony, internet commerce promise security. But beware, they are directable, calculable and controllable.
And the dream ends in solitary confinement, in disembodiment, in the annihilation of social life, in nihilism. It ends in a hell of conformity, in a thoroughly regimented society, stands against independent thinking, against autonomy, against spirituality in any form. It stands against a connectedness of consciousness instead of the consciousness of separateness. It stands against a peaceful interaction with nature and shamanism

Regina Hruska „That’s what I tell you in each of my seminars: And in spite of all this, the next step in love, which involves the appreciation of life and the recognition of death, lies ahead. This is the step towards more compassion and a retelling of our human story, which is currently about separateness. Every gesture of compassion, of generosity, of kindness, of courage, of will, heals us from separateness towards the Other, heals us from separateness of nature!

And in this we are at the beginning!“