About the shamanic training

About the shamanic training

Not possible is: There are many dangers, obstacles, temptations and traps lurking on the „bridge“ of a shaman One of these traps that we have noticed in recent years was described by Elias Canetti in his book „Mass and Power“ as follows: „The destructive fury of the masses is often spoken of, it is the first thing that attracts attention, and it is undeniable that it can be found everywhere, in the most diverse countries and cultures.
But why do I quote Elias Canetti when I put thoughts on shamanic training into words?
Many people are tired of the helping methods and schools and of their traditional values and try to conquer shamanism for themselves. They are not interested in going the admittedly hard path of a shaman but they barricade themselves with a partial knowledge behind smooth Potemkin facades. A hysterical addiction to shamanic magic, an ingratiation with shamanic traditions, a well-hidden „wanting to possess“ from which everything slips away, no spirituality touches it, where nothing of ancestors, spirits helpers, of the holy adheres, while diplomas and certificates are issued. As the saying goes: Whoever needs a diploma in shamanism has too little vitality to take this path!
Our ancestors did not know the words „spiritual healing“, „spirit healing“, „shamanism“ and left us an inheritance that was not intended by them as such.
Bad shamanism makes you ill, is without blessing, creates discomfort, neuroses and leads to escape from reality. It causes fear and lacks individuality. Shamanic work becomes repetitive and they presume to hold a substitute religion in their hands. In most cases their expressions and appearances are far away from their being, from the tenderness of the creator to his creatures, from the joy of existence, which is even in times of pandemic not lost.
Egon Friedell writes: „In man there is a deep will to categorise. He has a fierce, even passionate tendency to isolate, freeze and label things“. If I meet such „shamans“, then smoke and fog open up to me, and the basic current of the shamanic is only occasionally visible.
To prevent such people from entering the two shamanic centres, „Licht aus der Jurte- Shamanic Centre Vienna“ and „Shamanic – Clinic – Europe“, requires strength, knowledge and spiritual insight. But also a certain humility, which many people have lost.
Our shamanic ancestors may have been less educated than us, but they were alive, unique, protected their knowledge and accompanied carefully selected candidates on their path of initiation.

Criteria for admission to the shamanic training

Only someone who has a hunger for hidden knowledge and deeper connections, a hunger that cannot otherwise be satisfied, can be accepted into this training. Shamans feed themselves through revelation, spiritual insight and faith.
In my opinion it is senseless to want to prove healing shamanic work scientifically, because it is about two completely different levels of argumentation. However, in this training we can benefit from scientific knowledge.
Shamanism as we live and work with it, has its own irrational and intuitive way of thinking. It aims at the unity of nature, at correspondences within nature and counts on possibilities of unlimited transformation. The magic of the mysterious lives in it, it strives for a higher state of consciousness, which remains hidden from everyday consciousness. In addition to many challenges, it requires a recall of pre-memories, a primal memory of the original kingdom of light, which is deeply submerged in humans and which also transforms all attitudes towards nature.
We are oriented towards balance and change, not towards dogmas or knowledge from books, the internet or school.
Our culture has deficits that deny people self-redemption through knowledge and insight.
An essential focus of our education is communication with the otherworldly. If this is possible after intensive training, it works in a healthy way – fully for the living, as well as for those in the realm of the dead. Initiations take place when a temporary entry into the otherworldly, an unification with high transfigured beings is possible.
Those who follow this path of initiation are bound to the empowering ritual and spiritual work and have completed the basic training „Spiritual Healing – Healing Shamanism in VI Modules“. They are obliged to attend all advanced training seminars that are beneficial to the shamanic path, to get temporary support during shamanic journeys and to take advantage of supervision.
The training candidates are individually supervised, accompanied and supported by me and by shamans of the Centre.
The first part of the training concludes with the 1st initiation, but it does not end there. The path continues to the 2nd initiation. But we would like to tell you more about this in our lecture on shamanic training. Personal individual conversations are possible at any time by appointment.
We practice a sacred humanism in which there is no difference between the sacred and the holy. Hence it concludes that man is a divine being, carries this core within himself. He has only forgotten it, and so much on earth has become the plaything of dark forces. We look forward to


It is a fact that the world in which we have lived until now no longer exists. But human civilizations with their ideologies, intellectual sciences, media, armies … continue to project oppressive patterns onto this earth. There is no way to return to old systems, even if that is promised.
The global financial systems are in a state of collapse and it seems that two options are being worked on. Total surveillance, chaos and visions of fear. Everyone can observe how critical minds are being stifled and how many people are in need and sitting on the rubble of their existence. Many are struggling for their existence. At the same time we also know about the endless hardships of people in India, in the Asian region, in Africa and in many other countries. Especially the West has been exploiting them and has been in charge of the destruction of the sources of life.
The third possibility
After months of darkness the spiritual space has opened up again, the divine breaks through. Not only in „Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“; similar messages are reaching us from all directions of the world. It was tough to wait for them and not to give up. In this light the whole planet is pulsating and behind all the destruction and hardships something new is becoming visible, the love of unity, the hope. Perhaps it is possible for you to look there, despite the painful transformation. But this does not mean to silently accept everything and walk like a sheep with the flock. Nature also teaches us renewal processes from within.
Walk with us into a future of unlimited possibilities, which need not have anything to do with the past.
And here is another small helpful possibility
The „planners“ now guide the people into virtual space. For their „protection,“ of course.
But we have to arm ourselves and one of the most important tasks is the connection with the Earth. One possibility everyone has is to connect with old wise trees. For this you can choose one of these trees and stand in front of it. Touch some of its details, maybe those you already know from experience and with this touch create a resonance bridge between you and your old wise tree. This opens your senses and your heart. Then ask to be connected with the help and power of its roots, to sink into them and to get all the powers of the Earth that you need. You can also simply enjoy these powers … I wish you the presence of the Earth and the wisdom of the tree.