Peace for Ukraine – Peace for Russia – Peace for the World


„Licht aus der Jurte Shamanic Centre Vienna“ and „Shamanic Clinic Europe“

Peace for Ukraine – Peace for Russia – Peace for the World

Start to breathe now with your own rhythm…. Your inhalation is as long as your exhalation…

And now you may imagine the sun shining above you and in your imagination you begin to inhale the rays of the sun like liquid light…. And let yourself feel how these rays of light will flow right through you, and will flow into the center of the earth, to the central sun of the earth….. do this consciously 9 times
and now we turn our breath over and inhale from the central sun of the earth, draw this fiery light up towards us, let it flow through us and send it up to the sun behind the suns with the help of our intention…. Now do this 9 times as well… and now we return to our breathing, our inhaling and exhaling….
now together we begin to breathe in hot, heavy air…. …. And each of us remember the energies of our own feelings, where you have been angry, mad, hurt, annoyed, depressed…. And now breathe as much as possible of the hot heavy air, the hot heavy smoke…. Start breathing in this hot heavy smoke with every pore of your body…. Also breathe in the energy of guilt, powerlessness, failure, wanting and wishing, fear, …. As direct, hot heavy smoke…..
And now, as you exhale, begin to let cool light flow out….
Continue to breathe in hot heavy air and out cool light air…
We continue to do this a few times ….
let’s begin to visualize a metal shield that encloses our heart. This metal shield is everything that keeps us and you from peace and compassion for all beings……. Your hurt love, your mistrust, your consumer habits….whatever….. perhaps you also recognize the bond of fear, the bond of your egoisms that harden your heart…. And so now everyone here is invited to break open this metal mantle, this metal shell.
And open our hearts to the spiritual force fields, to the prayer lines, to the primal force fields of peace, kindness, compassion and generosity….
in the quality of our opened hearts we begin to breathe in those afflictions which create dogmas, rigid concepts, which create competition, envy, greed and burning desire, which create confusion and tie knots in our minds and in the minds of others, and prevent insight, balance and calm…. We breathe hot, heavy, polluted smoke into us, we breathe it with our whole body… and with each inhalation of this hot heavy smoke, our heart opens even wider….
we continue to breathe in our painful emotions, desires, wants and cravings, we also breathe in those sufferings that materialism causes in us, as hot heavy smoke…
and we increasingly breathe in those sufferings that materialism causes in the women and men in Ukraine, the women and men in Russia, and in the women and men around the globe…. As hot, heavy smoke,
we breathe in self-hatred and guilt, all those energies that support war energies and that cause suffering, disease and lies … as hot, heavy smoke in us….. Increasingly we breathe in all those energies that support the war energies in Ukraine, in Russia, in Western and Eastern Europe… as hot, direct, heavy smoke into us…
we breathe in the victim and perpetrator energies, compromise and ignorance as hot heavy smoke into us….
And our heart opens even wider now….
And slowly you notice how the smoke in the big room of your heart begins to disappear, how it becomes bright and brighter, light without smoke… and the words are formed in you: „God I am – radiant love, God I am – the radiant light of love…“
…. And you feel how divine medicine fills your heart space, how you become an instrument of peace, healing power and healing wisdom, and how your healing breath flows exactly where it is needed.
To Ukraine to women, children and men, to Russia, to all our neighboring countries, across the continent and further around the globe…
Healing and Grace..
And you now begin to breathe healing, wisdom and compassion where it is needed in us and on this planet….
now we turn to all those children and young people who are wandering around this planet fatherless and motherless, all those children and young people who are now separated from their mothers and fathers, brothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, sisters and friends in the war zones, in Ukraine, in Syria, Afghanistan, in the whole East, in the countries of Africa… there are very many, millions….
now as deeply as possible we breathe in that acrid heavy black smoke, we breathe in their sufferings….
And send bright cool healing breath to them and maybe at the same time imagine washing all these children and young people off with a shower, ventilate them, with your cool healing breath…
And let’s breathe in now as far as possible the hot heavy black smoke of the death zones of this planet, every smallest breath of this black smoke supports the suffering people in Ukraine, in Russia, in our neighboring countries, in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, countries in Africa, South America……. Breathe again with your head and your whole body hot black heavy smoke…
as you breathe, see and feel your heart widen into a palace of light and you find it easy to send cool light peace breath into these death zones, always on your exhale…… let yourself feel your connection with these children, women and men… …. as you inhale black heavy smoke, breathe cooling transformation energies into these zones.
we also feel the suffering of beings on this planet, the violence and unkindness done to them… and breathe it in as hot heavy smoke, and breathe out from our heart, cooling creation light towards them…. And we feel our connection with them and breathe increased emanations of light towards them…
knowing that we can do this peace work every day, we now finish by sending our peace and healing prayers and wishes to all dimensions of heaven and earth….
May every individual and all people and beings in Ukraine, in Russia, everywhere on Mother Earth be at peace, free from misery, hatred, anger and greed and misconception…
In the future, let us continue to breathe what appears to us to be poison and change it into medicine….

We feel our strength,
We are loved and carried
We are blessed
For our good and for the good of the whole

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